Cannabis retailers, are you ready to make history?

This year, Canada will become the first country to legalize recreational cannabis federally, and the atmosphere throughout the industry is buzzing with excitement.

Cova, a proud Canadian company, is excited to be part of the green movement and is thrilled to join the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Vancouver on June 24 & 25 to share our retail expertise

During the two-day conference, stop by booth #41 and discover the software tools you need to open and operate within the laws specific to your province. We’ll share:

  • How Cova POS can help you stay compliant with ease.
  • How Cova POS can help you manage operations, deliver superior customer experience, and grow a profitable business.
  • How to address track & trace in the retail license application.
  • And more!

Join the Call it Cannabis Movement!

At Cova, we're eager to do our part to rid the industry of any lingering negative stigma. We invite you to join the Call it Cannabis movement which focuses on promoting mindful terminology as opposed to slang. Learn more

Book a meeting at ICBC to get your free Call it Cannabis t-shirt and chat with us to learn how Cova POS is tailor-made for cannabis retailers and is built on technology that powers over 20,000 retail stores. 

As the self-proclaimed capital of Canada's cannabis scene, Vancouver couldn't be more perfect venue for this event. We hope you'll join us there!