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Nuances in the cannabis industry add complexity to your operation. At Cova, we’re on top of dispensary compliance and in sync with government regulators, so you can focus on what really matters—expanding your brand and engaging your customers. Every dispensary POS feature we build is designed to ensure that compliance is not a burden, but a competitive advantage. Our automated compliance tools prevent your staff from breaking the rules or making operational missteps that could result in fines or even cost you your retail license.


ID Scanner & Purchase Limit Alerts

Get peace of mind that your staff won’t accidentally break the law with Cova’s built-in ID scanner & purchase limit alerts. Our ID and age verification prevents underage sales, identifies existing customers for faster check-in, and stops looping. Cova POS calculates THC equivalencies, alerts your staff and prevents sales that exceeded limits.


Hours of Operation Compliance

Ensure you only operate within the authorized hours established by state or provincial regulations.  Set your hours to prevent prohibited sales, accidental or otherwise, to avoid hefty fines or loss of license.


Seamless State Traceability Integration for U.S. Dispensaries

Cova is a seed-to-sale compliant POS that is fully integrated with statewide traceability systems like BioTrackTHC, Leaf Data Systems, and Metrc, allowing retailers to automatically report data in compliance with government regulations.


One-Click Compliance Reporting for Canadian Retailers

Canadian cannabis retailers must submit monthly compliance reports to their provincial government: Select a report, and our POS exports all required data in a file you can upload via your provincial online portal. It’s easy, saves time, and reduces human error.

Our report is compliant with AGLC (Alberta), AGCO (Ontario), SLGA (Saskatchewan), LCRB (BC), LGCA (Manitoba), YLC (Yukon), and Cannabis NL (Newfoundland & Labrador).


“Regulations are constantly changing, and the province is always updating their system and reporting requirements. I find Cova is always a step ahead, implementing changes to their compliance reporting before we even realize the government updated it. We always say, ‘license first,’ so that kind of diligence to help us stay compliant is huge.”

Cameron Brown, Spokesperson, The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

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Cannabis Retail Expertise

With two decades of retail experience and hundreds of cannabis retailers supported, you can trust our advice when it comes to opening and running a cannabis store.


Customer Love Us

Our customers appreciate our passion and benefit from our commitment to constantly improve our software to meet evolving regulations and consumer expectations.


Uptime All the Time

Heard horror stories about POS crashes? Rest assured, our retail platform is the industry’s most reliable, especially on the busiest days. Here's how we performed on 4/20.


Premier Onboarding Process

Whether opening a new store or upgrading your POS, our onboarding team is committed to a smooth setup for success. We’ll walk you through every step to ensure you launch with confidence.

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