Cashless Payments for Cannabis Dispensaries

Debit, Credit or Gift Card? It Pays to Offer Cannabis Customers Choices.

Cannabis customers expect and deserve the same shopping experience normal retail provides, and that includes choice when it comes to payment methods. With Cova Pay, you can evolve beyond the limitations of cash-only and offer your dispensary customers the convenience of paying for their favorite cannabis however they choose—providing a seamless, modern shopping experience that keeps them coming back.

Cova Payment Solutions


Cova Pay Debit (USA)

Digital payment with US debit cards. Each transaction is rounded up to the nearest $5 increment. 


Credit Cards (Canada)

Major debit and credit card payment processing is currently available to all Canadian clients. 


Gift Cards

Branded physical and digital gift cards. Customize with your logo, seasonal themes, and more.


Cova Pay ACH

Secure direct money transfer from the customer's. For e-commerce or in-store via mobile device.


Benefits of Cashless

Maximize Revenue

Customers spend 25% more as they can freely add to their baskets and try out the budtenders' recommendations, without being worried about the cash amount they carry!

Enhance Safety & Efficiency

Cashless payments let you save on overhead and security costs as they relieve you from robbery risks and inaccuracy from dealing with cash.

Elevate The Shopping Experience

Let customers choose the payment options that suit them the most and offer faster and more accurate transactions with digital payment.


Cova Pay:
Debit Payment (USA)

Cova’s debit payment solution is a convenient digital payment solution that allows US cannabis dispensaries to offer their customers to pay with their debit cards. With Cova Pay, your customers easily pay the total amount on the invoice in a $5 roundup increment from their debit card, without pulling physical cash.
  • Gain 25% increase in transaction values
  • Next business day deposit
  • All US debit cards are accepted
  • Zero merchant fee for dispensaries
  • Mobile cashless payment to process payments anywhere, for deliveries, curbside pickups and line busting

Cova Pay:
ACH Payments

Watch your sales sore with Cova Pay's ACH. Automated Clearing House, aka ACH, is an electronic bank-to-bank transfer that authorizes compliant retail payments. With ACH, customers pay directly from their bank account in a secure manner via a QR code for in-store purchases or an embedded payment page for e-commerce orders. 

  • No fees for customers
  • No app or card is required
  • Contactless mobile-device payment
  • Secure and approved by state regulators
  • 25% increase in average spend per order and online order completion



Visa & Master Cards Payment (Canada)

Federal legalization allows Canadian cannabis retailers to accept Visa and Mastercard, which has given Cova extensive experience integrating with major credit card processors. To offer the ultimate in cannabis shopping convenience, our integrated solutions allow the full range of domestic and international credit, debit, and prepaid cards. Cova is prepared to provide US dispensaries the same service as regulations and laws evolve.

  • Offer compliant and secure payment options
  • Convenient cashless and contactless solution for deliveries, curbside pickups and line busting.
  • Eliminate hassles of in-store cash management

Gift Card Programs

Boost your brand and gain customers to ramp up your revenue. Cova's physical and digital gift cards are fully integrated with our POS, so you don't require an additional 3rd party app or terminal.

  • 40% increase in revenue and new clients
  • Easy to manage, activate, and track 
  • Customize your gift cards with seasonal or creative themes

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