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Cannabis Enterprise Retail Solution


Cova’s retail platform is the only enterprise solution built specifically for the ever-changing cannabis industry. Through integration and automation with best-in-class partners, we’ve created the most extensive cannabis tech ecosystem, so you can streamline your operations and centralize your data while delivering a unified commerce experience your customers love. Our robust platform and open APIs enable flexible, plug-and-play integrations for easy scalability and the seamless addition of new tools. It’s stable tech that grows with you.

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Built for the Cannabis Industry

There are many enterprise POS and ERP solutions on the market, but none designed and built specifically for the cannabis industry. Our POS and enterprise platform is engineered from the ground up to adapt quickly to ever-changing regulations and evolving consumer expectations, while simplifying compliance.

“I find that Cova is already implementing changes in their compliance reporting before we even know that the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) is making a change, and that’s a huge factor for us, because license always comes first.”

Cameron Brown, President, Verdant Management Solutions

Enterprise Capability
You Can Count On

Built for multi-location brands and franchises, Cova’s retail POS and Inventory Management platform can simplify and streamline your operations. Get stock levels across all stores, transfer between locations, set up location-level pricing, see real-time location-level inventory, perform bulk editing, or even assign granular employee security permissions for better control.

"Cova’s reporting functionalities are stellar and have helped us create an internal system that communicates across all verticals to track inventory and understand better the requirements of both our wholesale and retail customers."

Rob Nusbaum, Founding Partner, Pincanna

A Complete Cannabis Tech Ecosystem

Cova partners with proven, best-in-class cannabis technology platforms. Our expanding partner ecosystem reflects rigorous work up front and behind the scenes, so you can simply turn on integrations with less time, effort and cost. Deliver omnichannel experiences and enhance your retail intelligence with eCommerce, marketplaces, online ordering, menu boards, loyalty, advanced analytics, accounting, and ERP.

"Cova is an amazing partner. Their expertise in cannabis retail with out of the box API and ours in Microsoft ERP Implementation allow us to integrate an all-in-one ERP + POS solution for our cannabis clients. This gives our customers a powerful tech ecosystem that can capture seed-to-sale and all other business processes seamlessly, so they can run their enterprise operations with ease."


Mature & Flexible Enterprise APIs

Don’t see your favorite solution in our partner ecosystem? You can still connect the systems and tools your business relies on through our open APIs. Our robust APIs play nice with your existing tech and earn high praise from partners who love how easy it is to integrate with us.

"We needed a dependable POS that offered global management of twenty plus stores, Cova allows us to set up products and inventory in one place. We are impressed with the speed at which the system can work to set up our entire product inventory within a matter of minutes. We also needed a solution that could provide data that was on-pointe. Cova's API access lets us pull what we want, how we want, and where we want."

Alex Bitz, IT Director at Native Roots
Native Roots

Centralized Data Across Multiple Channels and Locations

Gain complete visibility with centralized retail data accessible anywhere, on any device. System-wide reporting includes real-time inventory, price, sales, product catalogue and tax data, synchronized across all channels and locations—including in-store + online sales channels. Have corporate control while enabling location-level pricing & inventory.

"With Cova, you get the benefits of an ERP and inventory management. With one application, you can see all the costs that go into a store and have a very quick view at any time. Cova allows us to operate all of our stores with Cova itself being the central nucleus.”

COO David Côté, Cannabis Jacks

Secure & Reliable

Cova is hosted on Azure, Microsoft's Cloud Platform, trusted by companies with critical data needs, such as Samsung, and the UK's Supreme Court. All client data is safeguarded using multiple levels of redundancy, in data centers geographically distributed across North America, ensuring your data is secure and available when you need it.


Fast Implementation

Legacy retail ERP software can be complex and costly to deploy. With Cova's open APIs and flexible architecture, you don’t need an army of developers to configure or support it, saving you headaches and heartache from steep costs. Our enterprise packages come with a sandbox environment, dedicated account manager, custom training, and premier ongoing support.

Choose a Solution That Fits Your Needs

Build your own ecosystem or pick from our pre-integrated partners

Whether you’re a multi-location, multi-state/province retailer, or a vertically integrated multi-location operator running both retail and wholesale operations, Cova can solve your enterprise-grade needs with out-of-the-box integrations with best-in-class industry ERP solutions:

COVA Software Integration Partners List

Cova Enterprise Retail


Ideal for: MSOs (multi-state operators), enterprise retailers who want to manage all business functions including finance, accounting, CRM, and HR within a centralized and integrated system.

Fully integrated Cova POS and inventory management with turnkey retail modules, including finance, HR and CRM powered by the trusted ERP Solutions.

Cova Vertically Integrated ERP


Ideal for: Vertically integrated enterprise organizations that want an Enterprise Resource Planning system to streamline their entire supply chain (cultivation/ distribution/ manufacturing) and have full transparency to all their business functions (financial, HR, CRM, sales) in one system

Grow beyond basic seed to sale and keep track of all moving parts of your entire supply chain and key retail data within one centralized and integrated system. 

Why Cova?


99.9999% Uptime

The most reliable retail platform on the market, with no interruptions on high-volume days like 4/20, and performance only an enterprise-grade software company with 20 years of tech experience can provide.


6 Awards

Tech experts, retailers and budtenders agree, Cova is hands-down the best POS experience, earning 5-star user reviews and top recommendations. Cova is one of the most-trusted cannabis tech brands.


1800+ Stores & Counting

The fastest-growing cannabis POS in North America, powering stores of all sizes, from boutique shops to cannabis enterprise operations with over 100 locations. 


Constantly Evolving

We keep pace with changing regulations and customer expectations; we evolve our software to keep retailers compliant and competitive at every turn.

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