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At Cova, we are people first and that’s what makes our culture unique. This means we offer flexibility, autonomy and meaningful work to every Cova employee. We encourage everyone to be their genuine selves so we can create great experiences for our communities, our clients and for each other. Learn more about working at Cova in this article about our company culture, commitment to customers, and shared enthusiasm for the work we do and the industry we're helping grow.



We balance hard work with a commitment to lifestyle, competitive benefits, and exciting perks. We offer job flexibility to our employees and enjoy that same commitment in return, which drives high performance throughout Cova. We work hard to stay connected and go the extra mile, even when we’re working from home.

“Working at Cova gives me the flexibility and balance to be present with my family. Being a new parent, the first years are the most important and I love that Cova understands that as well.”

Kemp Nguyen, Creative Director at Cova Software


Our company values center around an entrepreneurial spirit that focuses on speed and agility, innovation, quality, and customer service. When those values align, our goals become clear, and we enjoy both autonomy and synergy as we hit our stride. When we come together, we work efficiently, and give back responsibly; we support community-building events and worthy causes because we believe in reaching out, taking part and giving back. It’s a big part of who we are.


Meaningful Work

There are only a few industries per generation where you can jump on board the rocket at liftoff. Legal cannabis is that opportunity for this time in history. Cova is a start-up within a solid, well established software company and we intend to own the market for the operational software running these dispensaries. We say Cova makes the best software in the business. You say you can help us make it even better? Let's talk.

View Career Opportunities