Cannabis POS Reporting & Analytics

Get smart insights to optimize your dispensary operation.


Get smart insights to optimize your cannabis operation.

Cova’s powerful analytics eliminate guesswork and empower you to make smart decisions about dispensary staffing, cannabis product selection, promotions, and customers. Whether it’s a high-level view or detailed look into your business, get quick access to the data you need, in a way that’s easy to understand, so you can take action with confidence.


Manage Inventory More Effectively

Reduce costs and increase revenue by stocking the right product. Cova’s reporting answers key questions to help you make smart buying decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition. You’ll see clearly which products to buy, how much, when to reorder, what to stop reordering, and how much cash is tied to your inventory.

“Sales reports from Cova dashboard are easy to run in real-time and I use these regularly to predict which days would be busier and how many staff members would be required on the floor to manage the traffic efficiently.”

Erik Hackett, General Manager, Illinois

Fully Customizable Dashboard

Monitor the health of your store by glancing at only the metrics important to you. How busy is your store at various times of the day? Which are the top sellers and top locations? How much profit and sales are you making and who is your star employee? Our award-winning dashboard is beautiful, fast, and easy to customize.


Run Your Business From Anywhere

Whether you want to work from home or from the beach, you’ll never lose sight of what is going on in your store. The Cova dashboard is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any device, so you can manage your store—or 50 stores—from anywhere.

“Historical data and reports from Cova POS give me valuable insights to make strategic business decisions, optimize dispensary operations, and segment our target market better.”

Jay Patel, Founder and CEO, Missouri

Detailed Reports That are Easy to Work With

Robust, fast, and simple are how customers describe Cova reporting. You can easily drill down to important metrics such as customers, inventory, or sales in any given timeframe. Data is updated in real time, and whether you want to export for further analysis or schedule it daily to your inbox, you can do it with a few simple clicks.


Detect & Prevent Fraud

Internal fraud is an unfortunate reality in any retail business, but you can minimize your risk and your costs with our tech. Our reporting helps you detect unusual patterns in sales, inventory and discounts early, to minimize shrinkage and reduce or prevent theft.

Why Cova Cannabis Software


Cannabis Retail Expertise

With two decades of retail experience and hundreds of cannabis retailers supported, you can trust our advice when it comes to opening and running a cannabis store.


Customer Love Us

Our customers appreciate our passion and benefit from our commitment to constantly improve our software to meet evolving regulations and consumer expectations.


Uptime All the Time

Heard horror stories about POS crashes? Rest assured, our retail platform is the industry’s most reliable, especially on the busiest days. Here's how we performed on 4/20.


Premier Onboarding Process

Whether opening a new store or upgrading your POS, our onboarding team is committed to a smooth setup for success. We’ll walk you through every step to ensure you launch with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of market intelligence does Cova retail reporting offer?

Cova’s reporting offers you detailed consumer insights about demographics, purchase behavior, popular strains, products, etc. that will allow you to make strategic decisions about inventory and sell more efficiently to your target market. Cova also partners with Headset, an analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, whose mission is to help cannabis retailers make more informed business decisions through data.

What makes Cova’s dispensary dashboard software different?

Cova’s dispensary dashboard is fully customizable as per your preferences and allows you to monitor the health of your cannabis business by evaluating the metrics that matter to you. You can generate customized sales reports on our cannabis dashboard software from anywhere, and also detect unusual patterns in sales, inventory, and discounts early to minimize shrinkage and reduce or prevent theft.

Can I view my dispensary analytics in real-time from anywhere?

With our web-based reporting system, you can access your dispensary dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection, and generate reports in real-time. Whether it’s a high-level view or a detailed look into your cannabis retail operations, you can quickly access all data in real-time from our mobile reporting dashboard, and even manage your multi-location enterprise business remotely.

How can data analytics help my cannabis retail business?

Detailed reports using data directly from Cova dispensary POS will help you maximize revenue by keeping tight control of your inventory. Retail reporting analytics will ensure that you always keep high-selling items in stock and help you with cannabis retail promotions and deals. These reports can also track budtender performance, and you can use the information to encourage staff to meet sales goals and reward your top employees.