You Get $500 / They Get $500  - Everyone Wins!

They say it’s better to give than to receive. We say, why not both? Whether you're a cannabis retail owner, budtender, or just a fan of Cova who—like us—loves to help the industry grow, consider referring us to a qualified cannabis retailer. To celebrate a successful new launch, we’ll give you $500 for the assist. In fact, we’ll give them $500 credit too!


Make Money
in 3 Easy Steps

Refer: Refer a Qualified Cannabis Retailer.

Go live: Successfully Launch with Cova.

Get Paid: $500 In Your Pocket / Bank Account /  Under Your Mattress / All on Black -- Your Call.

Please note: offer is valid for each new customer (account) not per location. See full terms and conditions below.

1) Introduce a New Client

Introduce a new client to Cova by emailing: and CC the referred candidate.

2) Submit the referral form with your information


Section 1: Referral Mechanics

You may refer unlimited candidates, so long as each referral meets Cova’s eligibility requirements as a legal cannabis dispensary operation in one of the markets listed on the website.

You must make any referral explicit via an email introduction in which both a Cova representative and the referral candidate are copied. Additionally, you must complete the referral form found at

Section 2: Eligibility of referred candidates

A referred candidate must:

  • ✓ Be a legal cannabis retailer/dispensary in a market served by Cova;
  • ✓ Have no record of requesting a demo or speaking with a Cova representative in the past 3 months;
  • ✓ Not have previously received a proposal and/or been a Cova customer;

If referred candidates meet the above requirements, they are eligible for this referral program. A referral will be credited to the referring party only if the referral has signed a contract with Cova and been successfully onboarded.

In the event a candidate is referred more than once by different referring parties, the first referrer will receive credit for the referral. Referrals where the candidate and referrer are one and the same individual or entity (person or company) are not valid.

Once a referral is received, a Cova representative will contact the candidate within five (5) working days via phone or email as provided by you, the referrer.

Section 3: Compensation Mechanics

Cova will pay you a referral compensation of $500 for each referred candidate who becomes a credited referral. Compensation will be paid for each confirmed credited referral. A referring party can be credited with an unlimited number of referrals provided they satisfy all the requirements in Section 2: Eligibility of referred candidates. Compensation will be paid in the new customer’s local currency (if a new store is in Canada, compensation will be in CAD).

Compensation is awarded for each new business/brand that signs with Cova, not per location for multi-store operations.

Cova reserves the right to modify the rules of the program or terminate the program in its sole discretion.