Fast, Reliable, Centralized Payments for Cannabis Stores

The modern payment solution Canadian cannabis retailers have been waiting for has arrived. You can now provide and enjoy a better digital payment experience with Cova Pay. Using a proven-reliable, fast and secure platform, Cova Pay is fully integrated with Canada’s most-trusted cannabis POS. If you’re looking for a more streamlined way to accept credit and debit cards at your cannabis store, you’re in the right place.

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A Better Payment Experience In Store

Cova Pay runs on the same robust tech infrastructure powering high-volume businesses like Uber, McDonalds, and Facebook to deliver the seamless digital payment experience customers now expect.

  • Faster processing, fewer errors, happy customers
  • Fully integrated, no costly errors from manual entry 
  • Bigger basket sizes built on convenience and customer confidence

Centralized, Simplified Support & Reporting


It’s not just the in-store experience that can be streamlined. With Cova Pay, you won’t get bounced back and forth between multiple companies; you can be confident Cova is your one stop for end-to-end support, and you can see the whole story of your revenue in one place. 

  • One-stop legendary support from Cova Software
  • Centralized reporting straight from the Cova Hub 
  • Simplified, predictable pricing — no hidden or complex fees
Cova Pay Canada Tipping



Don't forget to tip your budtenders. We didn't. With Cova Pay you can choose to to enable tipping with dollar-amount prompts or have it configured with percentage options. 



No-Brainer Switch, No Hassle Setup

It’s easy to make the switch and fast to get up and running with simplified onboarding & preconfigured hardware.

  • Current Cova POS clients can use Cova Pay as fast as 48 hours after application approval
  • Mobile, extensible terminals with touchscreens, built-in receipt printers, Wi-Fi & LTE connectivity
  • Setup of new hardware can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

"We use Cova in all of our stores and were very excited when Cova Pay came to Canada. After listening to retailers and the need for a tipping function, the development team fast-tracked the feature and it was added mere weeks later. It is refreshing to work with a provider that truly listens to their clients and delivers the tools that we need to succeed."

Jeremy Gabel, Director of Operations A Little Bud Cannabis
A Little Bud Cannabis

Cova Pay Canada FAQ

Why is Cova Pay better than other integrated payment solutions?

Cova Pay uses proven tech infrastructure that powers global retailers, delivering higher uptime and faster processing compared to other integrated payment solutions. Because Cova Pay owns the support experience from end-to-end, retailers don’t need to deal with the back-and-forth of multiple companies pointing fingers when they need help. With Cova Pay, reporting is accessible in the Cova Hub with no need to log into another portal or import data. Cova Pay uses an industry-standard pricing model to ensure fees are transparent, consistent, and easy to compare.

What are the benefits of integrated payments?

Full integration ensures the transaction totals from Cova point of sale are sent automatically to the payment terminals, with no need for manual entry. This keeps lines moving faster, instills customers confidence, and eliminates human error, saving time and money.

Can I use Cova Pay if I am not a Cova POS customer?

Cova Pay is fully integrated and available exclusively to clients using Cova POS. To see our award-winning point of sale system in action and find out how Cova Pay is just one way we simplify the complex and help you grow your cannabis retail business, please book a consultation and demo.

What kind of hardware does Cova Pay run on?

Cova Pay will launch with the Castles S1F2 Android terminal, which features a touchpad screen and built-in printer. The device will ship pre-configured and plug-and-play ready to connect to your network. This hardware can be connected via Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE.

Does Cova Pay support tipping?

Yes, Cova Pay supports tipping, with options for custom dollar amount and percentage tipping prompts.

Do customers need to specify debit or credit before paying?

No, there is no need for customers to tell you, or for you to tell the terminal which type of payment is being used. Cova Pay will determine this automatically.



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