Online Menus


Leafly is the world’s leading cannabis resource. With Cova and Leafly online menu integration, retailers can accurately update and maintain their product, pricing and stock information in real time,  eliminating double entry. With this integration, Cova now provides a unified brand and omnichannel experience to retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

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Online Menus


Weedmaps provides consumers with information regarding cannabis products across its web and mobile platforms, including listing local retailers and brands, facilitating product discovery and allowing consumers to educate themselves on cannabis and its history, uses and legal status.

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Click & Collect/Website



Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. Shopify allows you to create and customize your online store, manage products, inventory, payments and shipping.

Web & Marketplace

iHeartJane is the cannabis industry’s only complete online marketplace, providing consumers with a confident, safe and simple shopping experience. Users can browse local products in real-time, compare by price, proximity or popularity and place orders at local stores for free.

Marketplace & Online Menus



dutchie is an online marketplace that connects consumers with their favorite local dispensaries and allows them to place an order for pickup or delivery.

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Click & Collect/ Delivery


LogicKit provides cannabis retailers a complete delivery service and 100% compliant platform. Your driver apps, branded online store, dispatcher live maps, and manager dashboards all sync with ease & efficiency. Available in the US where deliveries are permitted.





Super is a multi-retailer cannabis marketplace.   We foster accessibility in stringent markets, acquire users and orders for retailers, and present emergent sales fulfilment capabilities. Super: Cooler, faster, and safer than your dealer.




As an analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, Headset's mission is to help operators make more informed business decisions through data.




springbig is a marketing engine built by, built for dispensaries. It's the easiest and smartest way to connect with and understand customers by providing a full-featured Loyalty and Communications platform built to support needs in an easy-to-use interface.

 Menu Boards



Budvue provides a variety of features to help a retail cannabis shop communicate with its customers. Custom created menu boards ensure that your brand and products are displayed on-screen.

Video Wall & Menu Boards


Enlighten brings cutting edge retail technology to the cannabis industry, including video walls to captivate your audience like no other, as well as beautifully customized digital menus fully integrated with Cova POS.



Merrco brings seamless, secure payments to the cannabis industry and creatively solves payment needs. Ecommerce or brick and mortar business? We have the right payment solution for you.




QuickBooks is more than just accounting software. It allows you to create invoices, track your cash flow, accept payments, see what’s selling, plan for the future, and much more. Tracking financials accurately is essential for any business. QuickBooks saves you time and money by connecting your business tools and making it easy to track everything you need to make important business decisions.


Sage X3

Sage Business Cloud is changing how businesses compete and grow, by delivering faster, simpler and flexible financial, supply chain and production management, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical enterprise ERP systems.


Oracle Netsuite


Oracle NetSuite has helped organizations grow, scale and adapt to change. NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based applications, which includes financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR, professional services automation and omnichannel commerce, used by more than 19,000 customers in 203 countries and dependent territories.

Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics 365 applications work seamlessly together for a comprehensive solution that runs your entire business—including sales, marketing, service, operations, and commerce. You’ll get a 360-degree view of your organization to uncover the real-time insights that bring better results.

Cultivation Management Platform



Artemis tracks all your operations, data, and team from a single place to help optimize profitability. Our CMP provides a bird’s eye view of productivity and compliance throughout your entire operation, which yields custom insights and production forecasts for your facility.

Net Promoter Score




BudTender is the cannabis industry-leading customer experience platform, focused on improving the customer journey. The platform features customer experience software, which allows dispensaries and licensed producers to interact with customers post purchase and learn about their entire experience. The BudTender platform has processed more than 50,000 unique responses and is trusted by dispensaries in five US states as well as Canada.


Cannabis Consultant

Medicine Man

Medicine Man Technologies Inc. (OTCQX: MDCL) is a leading cannabis consultancy and solutions provider with a rapidly expanding footprint in North America. Medicine Man provides value-added services to cannabis cultivators with a full suite of complementary consulting, licensing, and product solutions that span the entire cannabis industry supply chain.



Point Seven Group (Point7) is a tenured, global management consulting firm dedicated to the commercial cannabis industry. Our world-class team of experts is known for agility, speed and exceptional service. Our success is measured by that of our clients’, whether that’s winning licenses, creating global brands or expanding operations into new markets. 

Digital Marketing



Foottraffik boosts dispensaries’ online presence and increases their revenue through a suite of digital marketing tools, including Geo-Ads, Google Ads, SEO, SMS, and mobile device location-based advertisin
g. Foottraffik is committed to helping dispensaries convert more website visitors into online orders or in-store customers.




O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo is a cannabis industry show. The producers of O’ Cannabiz have decades of experience producing national-profile events and creating global connections between business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology. They have organized trade summit initiatives with governments around the world. And they have worked closely with sponsors in all levels of Canadian government.

Content & Retail Training


Lift & Co.’s Cannabis Retail Certification Program, designed in an exclusive collaboration with MADD Canada and the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, powers tomorrow’s retailers with best-in-class educational material and our proprietary product insights.

Education & Training



Cannareps provides professional cannabis education, training, and certification especially designed for Canadian cannabis industry. With 300+ graduates CannaReps has successfully trained and educated people as cannabis sommelier, budtenders, experts, dispensary managers, and cannabis dispensary owners, in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Calgary.