Featured Partners

Ecommerce & Delivery


Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. Shopify allows you to create and customize your online store, manage products, inventory, payments and shipping.


Budler, powered by Shopley, and exclusively integrated with Cova POS, brings your customer experience to life using SMART technology to connect the physical and digital retail experience.


We are the most advanced point-of-sale and inventory management platform for cannabis delivery services. Our retail platform streamlines your operation, simplifies compliance, and gives you the tools to make better business decisions.

jane is the cannabis industry’s only complete online marketplace, providing consumers with a confident, safe, and simple shopping experience. Users can browse local products in real-time, compare by price, proximity, or popularity and place orders at local stores for free.


Buddi is Canada's #1 online ordering / click & collect system provider for cannabis retailers. Buddi works with over 500 stores in Canada to provide FREE online ordering and digital menu services to increase revenues and reduce operating costs.

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Cannveya offers delivery software customized for every regulatory environment with efficient, state-specific workflows for cannabis operations with automated, optimized routing and comprehensive reporting.


Onfleet is the trusted last mile delivery solution for thousands of companies across dozens of industries including food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, furniture, pharmacy and more.


CannaLogic offers a state-of-the-art retail, e-commerce, and logistics management delivery software platform.



Leafly is the world’s leading cannabis resource. With Cova and Leafly online menu integration, retailers can accurately update and maintain their product, pricing and stock information in real time, eliminating double entry. With this integration, Cova now provides a unified brand and omnichannel experience to retailers in the U.S. and Canada.


Weedmaps provides consumers with information regarding cannabis products across its web and mobile platforms, including listing local retailers and brands.


LeafLink’s wholesale marketplace has revolutionized the way cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers manage their operations, empowering them to optimize ordering, simplify communication, and spend less time on administrative work.


Your cannabis shopping experience is about to get TRIMD! Finding legal cannabis has just been made easier with TRIMD. Get ready to explore the map of licensed retailers to shop all your favourite cannabis products!


As one of the original technology and marketing companies in the legal cannabis space, Leafbuyer built the largest deals network in the nation. Leafbuyer has identified the expanding demands of a rapidly growing industry by developing smart technology to meet the new needs of companies in the cannabis space.

Payments & Gift Cards


Merrco brings seamless, secure payments to the cannabis industry and creatively solves payment needs. Ecommerce or brick and mortar business? We have the right payment solution for you.


Accept payments for credit cards, debit cards and mobile wallets with versatile card readers, enabled for in-store and curbside contactless payments.


Expert Services Network is a holistic matrix of specialists latticed-together to help small businesses succeed through implementation of systems that make merchants more money.


Dama Clients receive access to secure online banking and cash courier services that minimize the financial and safety risks of having large amounts of cash on hand. Deposits can be made with cash (via courier service), checks or electronically (ACH or Wire).


Birchmount is the market leader in the gift card platform for the cannabis industry, leveraging over 20 years of experience with global retailers.

ERP & Accounting


Microsoft Dynamics applications work seamlessly together for a comprehensive solution that runs your entire business—including sales, marketing, service, operations, and commerce. You’ll get a 360-degree view of your organization to uncover the real-time insights that bring better results. Powered by Encore.


Oracle NetSuite has helped organizations grow, scale and adapt to change. NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based applications, which includes financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR, professional services automation and omnichannel commerce, used by more than 19,000 customers in 203 countries and dependent territories.


Sage Business Cloud is changing how businesses compete and grow, by delivering faster, simpler and flexible financial, supply chain and production management, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical enterprise ERP systems. Powered by Nextec.


QuickBooks is more than just accounting software. It allows you to create invoices, track your cash flow, accept payments, see what’s selling, plan for the future, and much more. Tracking financials accurately is essential for any business. QuickBooks saves you time and money by connecting your business tools and making it easy to track everything you need to make important business decisions.

Menu Boards + Kiosks


Budvue is committed to providing cannabis retail stores and their budtenders the tools and digital signage needed to sell cannabis.


Offering enterprise technology, education and advertising to cannabis retail stores, dispensaries and brands. Featuring SMARTHUB and POS-integrated solutions: Dispensary TV Menus, Kiosks, free consumer educational/entertainment TV, Advertising, Marketing and more.


The GreenScreens platform is a fully-integrated digital signage solution, specifically designed for the challenges of cannabis retail operations. With GreenScreens, you can easily get your products in front of your customers.


Acrelec is a global technology company focused on reinventing the customer experience for restaurant and retail brands. Leveraging decades of software, hardware and service expertise, Acrelec develops and integrates new platforms that increase customer engagement, optimize efficiency and improve operations.


The people at UBI are experts in digital signage. They have watched technology change and have changed with it. They make certain that you are not stressed and that you can focus on your business while they focus on making you happy.


BudSense syncs live product information and inventory from Cova to produce customizable product & marketing menus for digital screens as well as various print formats. BudSense was built for the cannabis industry by experienced cannabis retail operators.

HR & Scheduling


Grow and scale your cannabis retail store with Kayapush by simplifying HR, payroll, and employee management with an easy all-in-one platform. Manage your entire employee life cycle at your dispensary with the KayaPush employee management solution.


Shiftlab offers performance-based scheduling software designed to maximize the potential of each employee’s sales and operational strengths. Utilizing machine-learning technology Shiftlab combines real-time performance metrics, data parameters and predictive algorithms that enable companies to more effectively forecast and schedule its employees.


7shifts is the most intuitive employee scheduling and management software. With 7shifts, schedules pull in employee availability and eliminate scheduling conflicts. Employees also automatically get a text and email with their upcoming shifts. It's simple to use, and everyone is kept in the loop without any effort.


When I Work is an employee scheduling app that does more than just save you time on scheduling. It also helps you improve communication, eliminate excuses, boost accountability among your staff, track time and attendance, and grow your business.



CST Solutions is a recognized cannabis consulting and statewide transportation firm in the Missouri medical marijuana industry. We provide loss prevention and operational standards for the medical marijuana industry; We design and build state-of-the-art security solutions; We specialize in the movement of medical marijuana between licensed facilities that are safe, secure, and cost-effective.


Solink’s remote monitoring capabilities provide peace of mind when you need it most. With temporary closures of locations or reduced operating hours, there are enough things to worry about – security shouldn’t be one of them.


With decades of experience, Sapphire Risk is the most recognized nationwide security consulting firm in the cannabis industry. We design and build state-of-the-art security solutions which protect and safeguard communities, products, people and profits. Let us provide you with peace of mind as you build a lucrative future in the Cannabis Industry.



The world's most respected brands and retail orgs of all sizes—from family owned to publicly listed giants —use Alpine IQ to protect, segment, promote, and sync all of their in-store and online operations.


Springbig is a marketing engine built for dispensaries. It's the easiest and smartest way to connect with and understand customers by providing a full-featured loyalty and communications platform built to support needs in an easy-to-use interface.



Headset provides leading insights into cannabis consumer trends for today’s world - a world when decisions are made on timely data, not stale, months-old information.


The Fyllo Compliance Cloud is a suite of software and services built to overcome the complexities of highly regulated industries. Fyllo delivers data, media, retail and regulatory solutions that enable organizations to streamline compliance, increase efficiencies, and scale with speed.


We provide the complete view of the global cannabinoid market of today and tomorrow. We provide retailers, manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, and investors with actionable insights to drive profitability, increase revenues, eliminate expenses, and outmaneuver the competition.

Supply Chain & Cultivation


Designed for cannabis and hemp operators, Backbone helps you track and visualize data from your unique supply chain. Empower your operation to make data-driven decisions and stay compliant. The software solution adapts to your needs, leaves no part of your process in the dark, and provides you the freedom to grow your business.


Trym is a cannabis software just for growers and offers team management, climate and root zone monitoring, and analytics to help you boost efficiency and grow your best.

System Integrators


eBridge Connections delivers powerful, cloud-based ERP and accounting integration solutions that automate vital business processes while eliminating the need for manual data entry. Leveraging reusable connectors, data touch points, and business rules instead of individual maps, eBridge Connections can implement and maintain integration solutions with greater efficiency, ultimately leading to a lower total cost of ownership for customers.


Encore Business Solutions has been committed to helping organizations drive business efficiency with innovative and modern business management solutions since 1990. Our high performance team sells, implements, services, and supports Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM as well as Business Intelligence and Cloud Transformation solutions and to mid-size and expanding enterprises as a Value Added Reseller (VAR).


NexTec Group is a national consulting firm specializing in industry-specific technology to help you manage your business. This includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI), Cloud and On-premise solutions for mid-sized businesses.


Interdynamix (IDX) is an authority in Converged IT, Software Defined IT, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Cloud Computing. Since 1995 our intellectual, technically skilled, and dedicated experts have been helping clients differentiate themselves and succeed.


We are pioneers of the digital frontier. Little Rocket is powered by creative technologists. Our team supports companies in brand, product and digital development missions. Specialists in regulated industries and lovers of new ventures.


VL OMNI is a point to multi channel data integration service. Over 200 businesses trust VL OMNI to move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow, expand and accelerate their business. VL OMNI your trusted partner for real-time accurate customer order data, shipment details, inventory and prices.



Green Check is a cannabis banking platform with a network of financial institutions that actively work with cannabis businesses. The software helps them offer the services they need at an affordable cost. Plus, you get to work directly with your banking partner without a middleman.


EyeRate is a customer communication platform that turns feedback into powerful online marketing by incentivizing employees. EyeRate partners with leading dispensaries and offers them best in class engagement tools. 


Releaf is a patent pending app that enables you to anonymously track real-time and historic experiences with specific cannabis & CBD products. Easily track the product you’re using, where you purchased it from, why you are using it, relatively how much you used, as well as symptom relief, feelings, and side effects you experienced.



ACCRES is a non-profit, member driven industry association. ACCRES is a group of business owners from many walks of life. It is the goal of the organization to serve as a positive, proactive advocate to protect and expand business opportunities for the private cannabis retail industry. Building a thriving and sustainable private cannabis retail industry in BC and across Canada is the primary focus.


Since 1983, Tripemco has focused on providing advice and creative insurance solutions to clients. Personalized service paired with an understanding of the business of clients allows Tripemco to deliver on this foundation. The needs of clients drive new products and services to be brought forward as the business world changes.


The Entourage Collective is a plant-forward collaborative solutions company. They embody inclusion, collaboration, education & community through individual expression and collective alignment.


Harrison Jordan is a Toronto-based lawyer and consultant focusing on Canadian legal matters related to the cannabis plant – and more recently psychedelics & psilocybin law.


Point Seven Group (Point7) is a tenured, global management consulting firm dedicated to the commercial cannabis industry. Our world-class team of experts is known for agility, speed and exceptional service. Our success is measured by that of our clients’, whether that’s winning licenses, creating global brands or expanding operations into new markets.


CannDelta is a leading regulatory and scientific cannabis consulting firm led by former Health Canada employees. We support businesses across the cannabis industry at the federal and provincial level to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance is achieved.


O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo is a cannabis industry show. The producers of O’ Cannabiz have decades of experience producing national-profile events and creating global connections between business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology. They have organized trade summit initiatives with governments around the world. And they have worked closely with sponsors in all levels of Canadian government.


At Verdant Management, we strive to help every business achieve their goals. We are committed to helping businesses every step of the way, from pre-launch to post-launch, ensuring that your needs are met as efficiently as possible. We specialize in business consulting, retail management, marketing and design for the cannabis, real estate, hospitality, and e-commerce industries.


Community Savings will bring your needs, hopes, and goals together under one financial plan that includes your pension. Throughout life, priorities change. They’re here to help you get the most out of where you are today and build on that success tomorrow.