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The Cova POS Reviews Are In

Our cannabis retail customers are speaking out, and their inspiring Cova software reviews confirm we’ve clearly got a finger on the pulse of the industry. We’re grateful for the praise, and always welcome feedback as we work continuously to build on the features our customers love, develop the solutions they need, and keep pace with the evolving cannabis retail landscape.

“Regulations are constantly changing, and the province is always updating their system and reporting requirements. I find Cova is always a step ahead, implementing changes to their compliance reporting before we even realize the government updated it. We always say, ‘license first,’ so that kind of diligence to help us stay compliant is huge.”

Cameron Brown, Spokesperson The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

“This system allows us to transact really quickly. We’ve seen up to 2,000 customers in a day, and Cova has kept up with those demands. During peak times we’ll have three customers checking out every minute. You’ve got to have the infrastructure to support that… Cova’s doing a bang-up job.”

Steven Fry, Co-Founder Sessions Cannabis | Ontario

“User-friendly, efficient, and stable are the words I like to use to describe Cova’s software platform. It really is the best choice in terms of product capability and reliability.”

Paul Cotterell, General Manager The Leaf El Paseo, California

“In an industry with no shortage of startups, what’s rare is software that actually offers the developed infrastructure and mature APIs an enterprise business needs. Cova had the product, resources, and technical expertise Native Roots was searching for in a POS. We had a lot of confidence switching all our stores to Cova’s platform.”

Chance Harrison, Business Intelligence Manager Native Roots, Colorado

“Cova was instrumental in helping us modernize the cannabis retail shopping experience at Eco Cannabis. By employing software features like quick check-in, queueing, and digital technology offerings, we have created a store flow that is unique to the industry.”

Kevin Ahaesy, CEO Eco Cannabis, California


Case Studies


Eco Cannabis Case Study

“I talked to six or seven of the leading companies… Cova was the only one with the foresight and shared vision to make this capability come to life.”

Kevin Ahaesy, ECO Cannabis CEO, California

Spiritleaf Case Study

“If you haven’t chosen a POS system, I’ll save you a year and hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad systems—Cova is your winner.”

Darren Bondar, Spiritleaf CEO, Canada

The Hunny Pot Case Study

“We are confident in Cova's approach, service offerings, and dedication to compliance, which is incredibly valuable to us.”

Hunny Gawri, The Hunny Pot Owner, Toronto

The Green Room Case Study

“Cova is excelling in the area of customer support. We’re stoked to help them grow and remain a faithful customer.”

John Grainer, The Green Room, California

Sessions Case Study

“I think what really sets Cova apart the most is the level of partnership. The product is becoming better and more sophisticated.”

Steven Fry, Sessions Cannabis, Canada

Minerva Canna Case Study

“How we get treated with Cova is how we expect to treat our patients. Customer service is very big for us.”

Justin Lund, Minerva Canna, Oklahoma



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