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Our cannabis retail customers are speaking out, and their inspiring Cova software reviews confirm we’ve clearly got a finger on the pulse of the industry. We’re grateful for the praise, and always welcome feedback as we work continuously to build on the features our customers love, develop the solutions they need, and keep pace with the evolving cannabis retail landscape.

"We’ve been with Cova since 2019, but wanted to move away from Dutchie ecommerce, and briefly switched to TechPOS for their promise of an all-in-one solution including ecomm and POS. We faced numerous challenges, from poor ecommerce functionality to slow in-store processing. We recognized the importance of a seamless POS system for operational efficiency and switched back to Cova in just 2 days."

Darren Saunders, Pacificanna

"The time Cova saves us and the resources it frees up make a real impact. Inventory and product management take no time; 5-10 mintues to complete what took a week with our old system. Metrc reporting in real-time means we don't have to push reports out at the end of the day. Data governance and record keeping are simpler. Even making a sale is quicker. Cova's system is efficient."

Alex Bitz, Director of IT Native Roots, Colorado

"I love the simplicity of the Cova tablet, and the stress-free METRC integration. I’ve been with Cova POS since the beginning, and they’ve always been there to help. 3 years and counting, I’m one happy customer."

Natasha Sokoloski, Chief Operations Officer (DM Compassion Center)

"This system allows us to transact really quickly. We've seen up to 2,000 customers in a day, and Cova has kept up with those demands. During peak times we'll have three customers checking out every minute. You've got to have the infrastructure to support that... Cova's doing a bang-up job."

Steven Fry, Co-Founder, Sessions Cannabis | Over 40 Retail Locations

“Regulations are constantly changing, and the province is always updating their system and reporting requirements. I find Cova is always a step ahead, implementing changes to their compliance reporting before we even realize the government updated it.”

Cameron Brown, President, Verdant Management Solutions

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“We’ve been using Cova for a few months now with no downtime, and no issues. If I had to describe them in three words, I would say simple, efficient, and affordable.”

Rodney Jr. and Brandon Carter, Co-Founder

1 Location in New York

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Lenox Hill

“Knowing that Cova has a stronger track record and system redundancies than other POS systems made me feel a little more secure. Having a fully operational system that refuses to go down has been tremendous.”

Wei Hu, Co-Founder

1 Location in New York

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Cannabis Xpress

Cova's seamless integration with inventory management and robust compliance features ensure our cannabis stores stay compliant with evolving laws. Its user-friendly interface enhances efficiency and supports our expanding operations."

Chris Jones, Founder and CEO

18 Locations in Canada


Highland Cannabis

“I feel like my wife and I are a team of 10 people, but only because Cova’s extremely robust tech platform enables us to be that.”

Owen Allerton, Owner

1 Location in Ontario

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Green Releaf

“Cova’s suite of cannabis retail tools has helped Green Releaf’s staff provide excellent service and enhance the customer experience.”

Jay Patel, Green Releaf CEO

5 Locations in Missouri

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DM Compassion Center

“Cova is an online oracle that can help you turn your business vision into reality.”

Natasha Sokoloski, DM Compassion COO

1 Location in California

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“The thing I love most about Cova is the tablets. Our consultants can take the patient around the dispensary, build a cart for them, and put it in the queue while they browse around the store."

6 Locations in Oklahoma

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"Cova POS is very user-friendly, so we can train budtenders fast and dive deeper into how to provide service that sets our dispensary experience apart."

Rob Nusbaum, Founding Partner

3 Locations in Michigan

Pincanna Cova


Cloverdale Wellness

"The experience Cova brings to the table makes a big difference, from launch and ongoing support, to the user-friendly design and the reliability of the POS."

Eleanor Gomez, Colverdale Wellness General Manager

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The Neighbourhood Joint

"Cova-Dabber integration allows us to display product information on our E-commerce store that helps with SEO and better online discoverability”

Brian Rhodes, Co-Owner

2 Locations in Toronto

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“How simple, interactive and intuitive it is—those are really big. I’ve worked with point of sales over the years and—especially when you’re franchising—you need something that’s user-friendly.”

Christine Kitz, Spiritleaf National Manager, Retail Operations

100+ Locations Across Canada

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Canvas Cannabis

"Cova is a lot more than just a POS software- its retail management tools help Canvas stay on top of everything, and no other company comes even close.”

Helene Vassos, Canvas Cannabis Owner

3 Locations in Ontario

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Kia Ora Kannabis

“When we had our inspection, they asked what our POS company was. We said ‘Cova’, and that was the end of the discussion"

DJ & Matt, Kia Ora Kannabis Co-Owner

2 Locations in Ontario

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Thrive Cannabis

"Cova’s well-established position in the cannabis retail market and the trust it has built over the years with regulatory authorities made it an obvious choice for us."

Robyn Rabinovich, Thrive VP of Strategic Initiatives

1 Location in Ontario

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Bud Bar

“With Cova eComm, our online menus are SEO-optimized, and our products are easily discoverable in Google search results.”

Justin Woo, Bud Bar Founder & CEO

4 Locations in Alberta

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Northern Helm

"You can trust the reputation or put in the research—if you want the best tool to serve your guests, you’ll go with Cova."

David Côté, Northern Helm Founder & Owner

4 Locations in Ontario


The Hunny Pot

“We are confident in Cova's overall approach, service offerings, and their dedication to compliance, which is incredibly valuable to us at The Hunny Pot.”

Hunny Gawri, The Hunny Pot Founder

11 Locations in Ontario

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Sessions Cannabis

“I think what really sets Cova apart the most is the level of partnership. The product is becoming better and more sophisticated.”

Steven Fry, Sessions Cannabis, Canada

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Urban Leaf

“Cova was there on the phone to help our employees with everything.”

Nikki Witcosky, Urban Leaf Co-Owner

1 Location in Oklahoma

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Flower Pot

“We switched to Cova eComm in November and saw a 91% increase in organic website traffic over the next month.”

Vanessa Blandford, Flower Pot Co-Owner

1 Location in Ontario

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Green Magnolia

“Cova has been helpful in efficiently managing inventory and staff, and maximizing sales.”

Tabatha Estes, Green Magnolia Director of Operations

4 Locations in Mississippi

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Smokal Dispensary

“It made us realize that Cova POS handled inventory and compliance flawlessly and saved us crucial time.”

Michelle, Smokal’s General Manager

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Miss Jones Cannabis Outpost

“Cova simplified compliance and allowed Miss Jones to focus on survival and growth during start-up.”

Jesse Smith, Director Of Retail Performance & Operations

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The Green Room

“I must say, I am always very pleased with the outcome on each of those rare occasions when I contact Cova tech support. I have never dealt with a help desk from any other business that is as efficient in communicating about – and resolving – issues.”

Anthony Piet, President

5 locations in Ontario


Native Roots Cannabis

"Cova delivered so well on our needs, and so impressed us with their responsive enterprise-level capabilities, we're confident it's the perfect fit for Native Roots."

Ryan Brown, Native Roots CEO

20 Locations in Colorado

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Cookies Cannabis
Starbuds Cannabis Co
Native Roots Cannabis Co.

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