Cannabis Inventory Management System

For back-of-house dispensary operation.


Streamline your dispensary operations and run your store with ease.

Cova’s back-end inventory management is a web-based application integrated with our front-end POS. Accessible from any hardware or device, Cova enables you to run your entire operation from one place, so you can get detailed reports and efficiently manage inventory, product catalogue, pricing, employees and customers.


Compliant Tracking of Cannabis Inventory

Easily track inventory by the individual batch or by product type, from the time it enters your operation until it’s sold to a customer. Inventory is updated in real-time and consolidated across multiple sales channels—online and in-store—allowing for accurate reports to your state or provincial regulators.


2-Way Sync with State Traceability Systems

In most states, dispensaries are required to submit inventory and sales data to the approved traceability system. Cova is certified and fully integrates with all systems, including Metrc, BioTrackTHC and Leaf Data Systems. Seamless integrations mean time-saving automation that reduces manual work and human error.


Efficient Product Management

At Cova, we understand time is money. That’s why we continuously invest in new features to automate repetitive and error-prone processes—everything from receiving, transferring, and selling to auditing and recalls. Features such as bulk editing, mass product adjustment codes, and PO Imports free hours of your time and make your day easier.


Deliver a True Omnichannel Experience

No more disappointed customers or missed sales. Inventory and pricing are automatically updated across websites, third-party marketplaces, and in-store digital menu boards. Whether orders are placed in store or online, for pick up or delivery, you can centrally monitor and fulfill everything in Cova.


Segment Your Stock & Improve Accuracy

Cova’s exclusive “Rooms” and “Reserved Inventory” features help you segment your stock ensuring a more accurate view of your inventory. “Rooms” limits the products on the sales floor so that high-priority items can be sold first, ensuring FIFO (First in, First out) best practice. “Reserved Inventory” holds your stock pending cash on delivery, preventing overselling popular products.


Stock Only the Right Product

No more stale inventory or missed sales. Our dashboard shows you top-performing products and helps you predict trends, while detailed reports provide insight on what’s selling and what’s not, how fast it’s moving, and when you should reorder to keep popular products in stock.


Easy Inventory Auditing

Reduce shrinkage and stay compliant with quick & easy inventory auditing. Cova’s POS and inventory management software supports both manual counting and barcode scanning. If discrepancies occur, a manager can approve bulk adjustments and reason codes with just a few simple steps. For tips and best practices, download our Complete Guide to Cannabis Inventory Management.


Multi-Location Reporting and Management

Cova is built to scale and support high-volume and multi-location retailers. Whether you run 1 or 100 locations, we make it simple to monitor stock level, compare performance, and manage inventory across multiple stores in real-time.

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Cannabis Retail Expertise

With two decades of retail experience and hundreds of cannabis retailers supported, you can trust our advice when it comes to opening and running a cannabis store.


Customer Love Us

Our customers appreciate our passion and benefit from our commitment to constantly improve our software to meet evolving regulations and consumer expectations.


Uptime All the Time

Heard horror stories about POS crashes? Rest assured, our retail platform is the industry’s most reliable, especially on the busiest days. Here's how we performed on 4/20.


Premier Onboarding Process

Whether opening a new store or upgrading your POS, our onboarding team is committed to a smooth setup for success. We’ll walk you through every step to ensure you launch with confidence.

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