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The best cannabis e-commerce platform is one that not only fits your business model today, but also evolves to support your vision and power your long-term cannabis retail strategy. As you expand to offer customers an omnichannel cannabis shopping experience and leverage new avenues to increase profit, you need a tech ecosystem that connects seamlessly to best-in-class tools, while leaving you the flexibility to choose which solutions are right for your business. 


Dispensary POS
+ E-Commerce

The heart of the cannabis retail + e-commerce engine is a robust point of sale and inventory management system. Cova POS is an industry-leading platform that ensures accuracy, compliance, and reliability at every turn. Expansive partner integrations and an open API make it easy to plug in and turn on everything from payments and online menus to delivery fleet management—the pieces you need to build a cannabis tech ecosystem that runs seamlessly and evolves as your business grows.

“We’ve sold over $80K worth of product online in the last month. Cova makes it easy to integrate with other software and delivery services that open new lines of revenue. By integrating with trusted sites, a new brand can enjoy an instant boost of credibility and reach new audiences.”

DJ O’Connors, Co-Owner, Ontario

Cannabis Delivery - Take Your Store on the Road

Cova POS is a full-featured tablet-based point-of-sale that enables your staff to deliver a fast, compliant, and personalized shopping experience from anywhere in the store. Our award-winning intuitive design guarantees ease-of-use and quick onboarding of staff.

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Cannabis Ecommerce Solutions

Cannabis E-Commerce

Cannabis e-commerce is about more than getting your dispensary menu online. To earn a loyal customer, not just an easy sale, you need tech that supports your vision and your bottom line. A good cannabis e-commerce platform offers customers the convenience of online shopping, and the consistency of on-brand experience that keeps them coming back. It provides you the tools to build an online store that stands out, leverages SEO make sure you rank in search results, and gives you the valuable data insights you need to own and nurture your customer relationships.


Cannabis Delivery Suite

Built-in workflows and plug-in integrations make navigating the logistics and regulatory landscape of cannabis delivery easy at any scale. Our ecosystem solutions let you manage orders from multiple sources in one place, dispatch and track drivers + inventory efficiently, and optimize delivery routes as your fleet grows, all while maintaining end-to-end compliance with METRC and all state or provincial cannabis delivery regulations.

“We ask drive-thru customers to know what they want before they arrive. They just look up our Weedmaps menu to see what’s in stock. At the window, they’re assisted like a walk-in customer. We simply added another Cova POS and a receipt printer; the system quickly processes transactions to keep up with increasing traffic. In the midst of COVID-19, it provides a hygienic solution that keeps Urban Leaf open for business regardless.”

Urban Leaf, CA

Integrated Cannabis E-Commerce Partners

To build your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition, you need a cannabis retail platform that aligns with your needs and adapts as they change. One-size-fits-all solutions that restrict your options can limit your potential. Cova integrates with the best cannabis e-commerce and delivery solutions to offer you choice up front, flexibility as you grow, and seamless function no matter what you choose.

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Whether opening a new store or upgrading your POS, our onboarding team is committed to a smooth setup for success. We’ll walk you through every step to ensure you launch with confidence.