Cannabis Dispensary Gift Card Program

Increase revenue and boost brand awareness with custom gift cards.


"When redeeming, cardholders spend 60-80% more than the value of the card."

Birchmount Network proprietary data

"Up to 80% of gift card redeemers are visiting the store for the first time."

Birchmount Network proprietary data

"Gift cards are the #1 most popular gift for 15 years running."

Birchmount Network proprietary data

Boost Your Brand & Gain Customers

Branded gift cards are an effective way to market your brand and a chance to impress new customers. Every card is an endorsement for and incentive to visit your store.


Seriously High ROI

Research shows gift cards can increase revenue by up to 40%. They present incredible upsell opportunities; 75% of recipients overspend their card by an average of $59.


Easy to Manage

Cova's Gift Cards are fully integrated with our POS, so you don't require an additional 3rd party app or terminal. It's easy to manage, activate, and track your program.

Digital Gift Card Options

Digital Solutions

Give your customers the choice and convenience of eCards they can easily store in their digital wallet. It’s easy to activate and deploy cards via text or inbox, and you can still customize your digital gift cards with seasonal or creative themes.

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Why Cova Cannabis Software


Cannabis Retail Expertise

With two decades of retail experience and hundreds of cannabis retailers supported, you can trust our advice when it comes to opening and running a cannabis store.


Customers Love Cova

Our customers appreciate our passion and benefit from our commitment to constantly improve our software to meet evolving regulations and consumer expectations.


Uptime All the Time

Heard horror stories about POS crashes? Rest assured, our retail platform is the industry’s most reliable, especially on the busiest days. Here's how we performed on 4/20.


Premier Onboarding Process

Whether opening a new store or upgrading your POS, our onboarding team is committed to a smooth setup for success. We’ll walk you through every step to ensure you launch with confidence.