Streamline Cannabis E-Commerce with Cova POS + eComm

Quickly and easily add a plug & play shop page to your website. Attract new customers with a cannabis ecommerce solution that is easy to use and effortless to maintain. Cova eComm offers simplicity without compromising SEO, so your menu gets discovered in more searches. Built by Cova, directly synced with Cova POS, your shop page is fast & easy to navigate, always accurate, and updated automatically.



Let Your
Product Sell Itself

Ditch the iFrame and drop in an eComm solution that’s just as easy, but far more effective at letting search engines (and those who use them) discover the products you stock.

  • Not an iFrame, a menu search engines can see
  • Customers can find your products and discover your shop page

Give Cannabis Customers What
They’re Looking For


Take the online cannabis shopping experience to new heights by never letting your customers down. A shared API with Cova POS ensures your shop page is fast and accurate.

  • Real-time updates from Cova POS
  • Inventory & pricing is always accurate
  • Fast browsing, filtering, and ordering

Own Your Data and Customer Relationship


Keep and convert shoppers into loyal customers. Your menu lives on your website and not a marketplace, so you don’t lose SEO or expose your customers to competitor menus.

  • Your menu enables SEO for you, not a marketplace
  • Create online customer profiles that sync with your POS
  • No third-party access to your customer data

Save Time and Money With a Complete
Retail Suite

With Cova POS, eComm & Pay, you can leverage the streamlined performance and convenience of a single retail platform.

  • POS & eComm on the same API, always in sync
  • Built-in fast, secure payment processing with 3DS2 fraud prevention
  • Centralized support, billing, and reporting

Provide Self-Serve
In-Store Options for Customers

Cova eComm includes free Self-Serve, so customers in store can browse your menu, add to cart, and pay or send an express checkout order from their own device or a kiosk.

  • Optimized for tablet and phone to enhance the in-store experience
  • Customers can browse and fill their cart at their own pace
  • Supports in-store express checkout workflow


Switch to the New Cova eComm

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