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Learn How to Manage Inventory at Your Cannabis Retail Store

Using the best inventory management practices for your cannabis retail operation is an exercise in discipline that really pays off. Understanding how to set up and maintain an effective inventory management system will give you the confidence and clarity to worry less about compliance and focus more on the opportunities you'll uncover to increase profit and grow your business.

The Value of Proper Inventory Management

There's a cost that comes from ignoring inventory management best practices. Learn why it's so important to your business, and what you need to know about seed-to-sale tracking and compliance.

How to Set Up Products, Procedures, and Personnel

Learn how to set up products in your system, establish effective procedures for your store, and pick the right people for key roles to streamline your operation. Get step-by-step tips to auditing and reconciliation.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Retail Software

The best cannabis POS and inventory system will help you maintain compliance and streamline inventory management through automation. Learn what features to look for and which questions to ask.

We are completely vertically integrated; we grow, process, and we’ve got a kitchen that provides all our edibles. We choose Cova POS for our dispensaries because we needed the right tool for the right job.
Minerva Canna of Oklahoma
Justin Lund
Vice President, Operations at Minerva Canna of Oklahoma
Hire someone who has experience in the industry, but don’t just take their word for it. Do your diligence in vetting this employee.
Native Roots Cannabis Co.
Chance Harrison
Business Intelligence Manager at Native Roots Cannabis Co.
Stay on top of soon to expire product. Practice FIFO. It's really easy to want to jump to a new strain before cycling through what’s already on the shelf.
Native Roots Cannabis Co.
Chance Harrison
Business Intelligence Manager at Native Roots Cannabis Co.

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