RECORDED WEBINAR: Learn How to Navigate Farmgate Cannabis Retail

Farmgate is an important new retail opportunity for Canada’s cannabis industry but few agree on what it is, what’s possible in each province, and whether it’s right for every type of cannabis producer.

A panel of seasoned cannabis industry professionals from Cova Software, CannDelta, and Thrive Cannabis shine a light on these questions in a free webinar. In this recording, you will also hear the story of a licensed producer that opened the first farmgate store in Ontario.

You will learn:

  • What exactly is farmgate and how does it apply to cannabis retail
  • What does farmgate currently look like in the different provinces
  • Why farmgate is a great thing for the cannabis industry in Canada
  • What does the future of farmgate mean for your cannabis business
  • How the right tech partner can help to streamline your operations 
  • Best practices and tips to run a successful cannabis retail business
  • How Thrive Cannabis went through licensing and inspection in Ontario and how their brand grew as their farmgate vision became a reality

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