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Identify Your Cannabis Retail Target Audience in Washington

Cannabis retail target audiences

When implemented correctly, a cannabis dispensary marketing plan can be the key to business success. However, in Washington operators are restricted from taking advantage of traditional advertising channels like radio and print.

Before launching your campaign to promote a new product or in-store event at your Washington cannabis retail operation, you’ll want to identify your shop’s target audience so that you can disseminate the right messaging to the right people and grow your cannabis business legally. We're sharing 3 easy steps you can take to identify a target audience at your cannabis retail shop below.

1. Understand Your Target Market

It’s easy to confuse the two, but your target market and target audience are different. Each group can technically be the same, but your target audience is more defined. For example, in Washington, your target market may be 21-30-year-old males, living in Seattle. Your target audience should include an additional fact like favorite strain, last visit, upcoming birthday, most frequently purchased item, etc.

2. Create Buyer Personas

Once you understand your target market, you’ll want to create buyer personas that include a unique set of issues, desires, demographic information and more. Not only will creating buyer personas help you understand your target market, but it can lead your engagement strategy too.

3. Analyze Customer Data

The details are in the data, so be sure to use the information you have at your disposal to make smart cannabis retail marketing decisions. Want to share an email with Willie’s Reserve fans about the latest product launch or announce an upcoming event featuring cannabis businesses owned by women? Analyze the sales data from your cannabis retail software and find the customers who are more likely to take advantage of your offer. It’s really that easy.

Segment Your Audience

Once you have identified your target audiences, it’s time to promote products and special offers that will  lead to a store visit and purchase. Your cannabis dispensary POS system should be able to segment your target audiences in a snap. We encourage customer list segmentation to retailers in all legal states, but this tactic has proven to be very effective in states like Washington where marketing laws are more stringent.

If you’re operating in the Evergreen State and would like to learn how you can market your business while remaining compliant, download our list of marketing tips for your cannabis retail shop

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