Growing a successful cannabis retail operation in Washington can be far more challenging than other states that allow commercial cannabis activity. Retailers currently operating in the Evergreen State must adhere to strict marketing and advertising laws or face fines, penalties, and potentially have their license revoked.

With so many rules and regulations in place, retail shops in the state are asking how they can legally break through the noise and watch their business flourish.

On this list you'll find a primer on how to legally market a dispensary in Washington, and do it well. We’ve researched and collated information from across the spectrum, and included everything we know about getting around the regulatory red tape and on your way to marketing and advertising your cannabis retail shop to success.

Read this guide:

  • If you’re ready to take your cannabis retail marketing to the next level, and just need some help jumpstarting your next brainstorm session.
  • If Washington’s marketing laws are hampering store promotions, and as a result, negatively impacting your bottom line.
  • If you want to take advantage of your robust subscriber list, and target your marketing efforts.