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10 Inspiring Examples of Cannabis Branding

For any product, your branding strategy can either make or break your success on the market. Product marketing has gone beyond just effective advertising, and branding has become the method through which businesses define their credibility, quality, and reputation. Long ago, the legal marijuana industry, on both medical and recreational fronts, made a collective decision to move away from stoner associations, and use branding and brand recognition as the method to engage customers and add legitimacy to the industry.

Packaging, advertising and selling marijuana on the legal market has gone way beyond placing the product in baggies with haphazardly printed computer labels. It is now about big budget graphic design and executive-level strategies that not only engage your customer but allow your product to stand out among the rest.

Here are ten inspiring examples of brands we recommend dispensaries and cannabis product manufacturers keep their eyes on:

Auntie Dolores


Auntie Dolores' high-quality cannabis-infused foods take the warm feeling of enjoying your relatives’ freshly baked goods to a new level. In Latin, the word "dolore" means pain, which helps signify the uses for the various products. The packaging is done in high-quality cardboard cylinders, with attractive, pastel colors, making the product seem as unassuming as the medicinal magic these baked goods can provide.

Leafs by Snoop


Snoop Dogg’s brand of cannabis-infused confectionary products, Leafs by Snoop, defines big budget design with their intricate prints and straightforward labels. The packaging also features a touch of classy bling with its metallic gold ink that draws in the potential shopper.

Marley Natural


Any cannabis enthusiast will naturally flock to this brand through its correlation to everyone’s favorite reggae Rastafarian, Bob Marley. Beyond the name recognition, Marley Natural’s branding uses bold type and bright colors for easy identification. Each label has the brand's signature lion that symbolizes the premium level of their product, wrapped around a beautiful glass jar with a custom wooden lid.

Lord Jones


For those who love the look of luxury, Lord Jones has mastered it. This brand offers various cannabis-infused body lotions and beauty products, with a label design reminiscent of the early days of high fashion. Lord Jones uses elaborate packaging such as fancy foils and embossing to give the user the feeling that they are unwrapping a luxurious and sought-after product.

Mirth Provisions


For those who like their cannabis in liquid form, Mirth Provisions provides options for a cannabis-infused soft drink called Legal, along with a THC-infused spray called Drift. The bottling of the soft drinks is reminiscent of old beer stubbies, giving a hip, yet old-fashioned vibe to the products.

Kiva Confections


Leading the way in providing high-quality confectionery is Kiva Confections, whose attractive packaging is both engaging and informative. Especially helpful for micro-dosing, a trend becoming more common to avoid over-use of edibles, Kiva displays the dose of the product very clearly along with other product information. They are a standout brand among medical marijuana products due to their clear, consistent and contemporary packaging design that inspires trust and credibility.

Whoopi and Maya


Gaining ground through celebrity name recognition, the brand created by Whoopi Goldberg and her business partner Maya Elisabeth is making our list because of their product names. Whoopi and Maya take the guess work out of the medical marijuana process with verbs such as “relax,” “savor,” and “soak.” The sleek, black label packaging includes the products uses and intentions to build trust between this new company and its users.

THC Factory


THC Factory was the first cannabis company to sell their products sealed in tuna can packaging, allowing users to keep their product fresh and reduce the smell. The neat thing about THC Factory is that they brand each of their strains differently while using the unique packaging to maintain consistency.

Lola Lola


Lola Lola is a family-owned California company that takes packaging and artwork to the next level with their clever cardboard boxes that slide open like a matchbox to reveal the beautiful product inside. Selling oil cartridges, concentrates and pre-rolled joints, Lola Lola products feature whimsical art worth displaying on a bookshelf in your home.

House of Jane


House of Jane targets mature consumers, especially those who love a good brew. Her series of cannabis-infused drinks, including coffee pods, aims to provide credibility and appeal to those who may be trying THC-infused products for the first time. House of Jane's colorful, fun packaging makes drinking your cannabis look fun, refreshing and discrete.

Maximizing Brand Identity

Cannabis branding is not only about finding a good logo and putting your product in packaging that no one else has tried before. It’s about creating automatic associations between your visual identity and the product you offer. Engage in conversations with you consumers, so that you can identify the right products for your market. Subscribe to our blog to remain updated.


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