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Generational Cannabis Marketing: Tips to Reach Baby Boomers


As a dispensary owner, you cater to a variety of customers all with varying needs and reasons for using marijuana. Some may use it recreationally while others like the baby boomer generation who enjoyed that occasional pre-roll in their 20s are now turning to cannabis as a way to alleviate joint pain, treat insomnia and more. You should take note of this group as they are eager for relief and only expected to grow as legalization continues and more consumers become privy to what cannabis has to offer. Keep reading to learn baby boomer marketing tips you can implement in your dispensary today.  

Offer Discounts & Special Offers

Boomers are highly motivated by saving money and may convert to a loyal customer if they feel you offer good deals. However, that doesn’t mean you need to discount your prices constantly. Consider holding special deals and offers on the product they purchase the most frequently on specific days or peak times. Doing so will make special offers seem more like an event and pays off big with this age group.

Staff Knowledgeable Cannabis Enthusiasts

It’s important to remember that baby boomers grew up viewing cannabis as a gateway drug, so expect a sense of hesitation at first. To combat their uncertainty, staff knowledgeable enthusiasts that listen, offer the best products and services to your patients and work to break the stigma. You can be sensitive to customer experiences, passionate about the latest legalization effort, and its benefits all at the same time. Let's debunk the age old myth! Also, some cannabis dispensary POS and digital menus provide comprehensive product information so your entire staff can guide customers through the buying journey with ease and confidence.

Offer Products Specific to their Needs

Some boomers are reluctant to smoke or dab, so listen to their needs and share products that are suitable for them. Edibles, creams, beverages, tablets and more are popping up throughout the cannabis industry, so there is something available to treat any pain or discomfort without lighting up. Make these alternative options visible at your store and be ready to answer questions about their uses and expected results.

Boast Superior Customer Service

The boomer generation cares more about interacting with people than being checked out via an iPhone, so staff a team ready to serve one-on-one and for an extended period. Boomers new to your dispensary may have questions and will need time to walk through the dispensary process, products, and user experience. Also, make sure your store is adequately staffed and that your team is genuinely welcoming and helpful. Nothing turns a boomer off more than being ignored or rushed.

Get Online and Engage

Don’t assume traditional channels like radio and magazine ads are the only way to communicate with this group. In fact, baby boomers research stores and products online more than any consumer. Their favorite social media channels don’t include Snapchat or Instagram, but they have an undoubtedly large presence on Facebook, and you should too.

Post special offers, educational articles from cannabis sources like Leafly and be ready to engage with them online. Also, make sure your business website and social media pages include your phone number, address, hours of operation and other information people need to visit your store.

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