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5 Crucial Things All Budtenders Should Know!

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Tricks of the trade come after being in one industry for a while, but there are a few elements any budtender just starting out in a marijuana dispensary must know. We’re not saying employees have to memorize the effects of hundreds of strains, but there are key components to their job that will make your shop a lot more successful if they stay ahead of the knowledge curve.

Aside from a few traits that all successful budtenders share, here are a few things to think about if you’re in the bud business:

Require them to stay compliant

If you haven’t drilled this into your budtender’s heads already, they’ll eventually learn from everyone else in the industry. Cannabis compliance is a huge facet to working in a dispensary and failure to follow strict reporting, labeling, and inventory procedures could lead to the loss of your shop's license. Rules vary based on the state you’re in, so make sure your budtenders follow their P’s and Q’s every day they’re on the job.

Do they exhibit superior customer service skills

In most major areas there are a plethora of cannabis dispensary options, and customers create brand loyalty pretty fast. Visitors to your shop don’t come in just to buy flower; they see you specifically for the experience.

Learning the nuances of when someone wants to be left alone to browse versus helping them every step of the way can take time for budtenders, but a willingness to learn and grow in their skills is essential.

Make sure they understand all of your products

Product knowledge is huge when working in a marijuana dispensary, as your employees need to be the authority on everything sold under your roof. Some staff members might think it’s sufficient to know about flower and call it good, but if your shop carries concentrates, edibles, or accessories, your staff has to be ready to answer any and all questions that customers might have.

They should be able to use a scale

The only time one might not need to master this essential skill is if your shop uses pre-packaged products, but what if you decide to make a change and go deli style with your flower?

While it’s pretty easy to use a scale if employees make a mistake weighing out product, their error will throw off your inventory in a big way. Basic math isn’t even a requirement, as long as they can press the right buttons.

Can they associate ailments with suggestions

The ability to match products with a patient's medical concerns is the mark of an experienced budtender. Remember, your budtenders cannot legally make recommendations, but it’s a skill to be able to match specific customer requests with preferred strains.

Working in a cannabis dispensary will clue your budtenders into these skills after a while, but knowing it beforehand will put them way ahead of the game.

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