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5 Customer Questions Budtenders Should Be Ready to Answer


Part of what sets your dispensary apart from the competition has to do with your marketing and products, but a huge element comes from the information your budtenders provide to customers. If you’re fortunate enough to have staff members that are veterans of the industry, you’re in good shape.

However, when it comes to hiring and training new budtenders, there are a few critical customer interactions they should be ready for. Let’s look at five questions that budtenders should be prepared to answer:

1. I’ve never smoked before. What should I buy?

Since cannabis is becoming more and more popular, it’s a question that could come up often. Knowing how to introduce a first time user to cannabis is an experience every budtender should be ready for, and the more comfortable they make the customer, the more likely they’ll be to return.

2. What will this strain do to me?

Budtenders need to remember that they can’t legally make promises or tell customers that a particular strain has a certain effect. What they can do is draw from their own experience and share what it was like for them to help guide customers to the right product. Add these details to your cannabis point-of-sale system so that budtenders can access this type of information with ease. 

3. What’s the difference between indica and sativa?

This may be one of the more common questions that budtenders encounter, and their answer should be informative without being too technical. Customers will appreciate the education and how they can apply it to their own cannabis needs. 

4. How do THC and CBD differ?

More sophisticated customers might tend to inquire about this element of cannabis, and those who are savvy enough to ask won’t be satisfied with a general answer. Budtenders should know their products inside and out before hitting the sales floor as they should always be in a position of educating the customer and not the other way around.

5. What if I don’t want to smoke, but I want to feel the effects?

You might laugh when first reading this, but with the increased popularity of edibles, oils, and other methods of using cannabis, it’s a valid question. If your dispensary offers a variety of options, make sure your budtenders have tried them at least once to further empower them to inform customers.

When it comes to the overall experience your customers have in your shop, their interaction with your budtenders plays a major role. As a dispensary owner, it should be part of your onboarding process to make sure your staff members are educated and excited to share their knowledge with anyone who comes through your door.

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