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6 Tips for Budtending to the Dispensary Newbie

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As the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical uses spreads at the state-level, dispensaries will expect to see an increase of first-time (legal) buyers at their doorstep who aren’t quite sure what to expect from their dispensary experience.

Whether you are serving a medical marijuana user for the first time, or whether someone has come to you as a first time recreational buyer, it’s always good to provide them with an informed customer experience about the legal marijuana industry.

Here are a few things you should be considerate of for the first time buyer as well as a few ways that you can help them become informed consumers at your dispensary going forward:

Product Education

Every visitor to a dispensary will want to be able to see that they are being dealt with by a qualified dispensary employee who knows their stuff and knows exactly what they are giving their customers. Whether you’re dealing with recreational or medicinal clients, you’ll want to know exactly what it is they are looking for and expecting with their cannabis products. Be sure you take the time to get to know your client as much as you can; build that rapport, and find the right product that suits them. Show them the various options available to them while ensuring you are explaining the difference between strains and products for future visits.

Legalities & Limitations

While legalization certainly opens the door for people to purchase cannabis for recreational use at dispensaries, just because recreational cannabis may be legalized, doesn’t mean that smokers can light up anywhere. Take the opportunity to remind your customer directly or by producing some shop literature around the legalities of marijuana use. For instance, users must provide proof of age to purchase cannabis from a dispensary. At that, there is a restriction to how much you can legally carry with you. In California, for instance, users can now legally carry up to one ounce of cannabis or up to eight grams of concentrate without facing any criminality. Users also aren’t permitted to smoke in public, but Proposition 64 intends to move towards on-site consumption at consumer outlets. It’s important to note the importance of the privilege of legalization while taking measures to ensure activities stay within the legal restrictions.

The World of Edibles

Edibles can be a tricky way to consume marijuana due to the fact that the body processes the THC contained in the marijuana in a different way than smoking. Effects can often be delayed and the user may experience a different kind of “high” if they’re used to smoking. No one wants to “green out” on edibles. For the first time edible buyer, although restrictions do exist that make edibles sold in dispensaries “low-dose”, the dispensary employee will want to take time to explain how edibles work and to ensure that you’re responsibly ingesting them.

Trying Cannabidiols for the First Time

Many choose to access legal marijuana due to the various medical benefits that cannabidiol or CBDs promote. When you’re dealing with the first-time purchaser of CBDs, be sure to ask them the purpose of their interest in the product – this can help you determine the exact expectations they have for CBDs. Ensure that you’re on board with understanding how highly concentrated they want their CBDs, and where they are unsure, take the opportunity to show them the differences between different concentrations.

Methods of Smoking

Many medicinal users struggle with the smoking aspect of medical marijuana, but there is a large part of both medical and recreational users who enjoy the smoking aspect of the cannabis experience. Dispensaries may choose to carry various instruments from which to smoke, from papers, to pipes, to bongs, water bongs, vaporizers and dabbers to name a few. Just because people love to smoke cannabis, doesn’t mean they actually understand the ins and outs of the various ways to smoke, or know that there may be a much better method to smoke to fit their lifestyle and preferences. Be as helpful as possible when providing users information about the ways that they can inhale their marijuana. Show them some of the products that range from more involved preparation (i.e. dabbers) to easy access (i.e. one -hitters or vaporizers) so that they are able to understand the variety in the way it is smoked.

Be Their Guide to Legal Cannabis

For the first-time dispensary user, their visit and their first time purchasing legal marijuana may be a little intimidating. Be sure that you understand that purchasing legal cannabis is a pretty new thing for a lot of people so people may approach the experience with a bit of naivety – do everything you can to show them that you are their trusted guide and resource for their legal marijuana experiences.

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