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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Onboarding Cova Software

Cannabis Retail Software Onboarding ProcessYou are about to take a huge step forward in your cannabis retail business, selecting a dispensary point of sale system. It’s understandable to be nervous. Most owners aren’t software experts, and many have never purchased a software platform, period. So, it’s natural to think about everything that could go wrong.

At Cova, we know how it goes. We’ve successfully implemented thousands of retail platforms, and each one had a nervous (and excited) owner in the background. By bringing on Cova as your cannabis dispensary point of sale partner, you are upping your game. You’re committing to running your business professionally and compliantly. To building it over time and maybe even passing that business down to your family.

By employing Cova as your cannabis retail platform, you really are preparing yourself for success. Still, you may have lingering questions, and that’s normal. Here are answers to some common questions from cannabis retailers about onboarding Cova at your dispensary.

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Onboarding Cova Software

Q: What if my budtenders can’t learn the software? Could they learn it well enough to game the system?

A: Most budtenders are proficient on the software within 5 minutes. We’ve also designed the platform to be mistake-proof, so your budtendtng team can’t break the software, break the law, or make operational snafus that could seriously cost you. Cova is easy to learn and impossible to trick.

Q: Do you really need information about every single product I sell? That seems like a lot of work.

A: If you’ve never done a product inventory before, the task can seem daunting. However, all information we request is a part of a regular inventory audit anyway. This is your time to stay compliant or get compliant so that you don't risk losing your cannabis retail license. We’ll help with each step.

Q: Is Customer Success just another way to tack on additional expenses?

A: There are a few cases where we may need to add expenses (custom integrations, for instance), but these are rare. Almost everything mentioned in our cannabis retail onboarding guide is included in your onboarding fee. No charge for all the smiles.

Q: Why do I need to buy the hardware? Can I do everything with just one tablet?

A: When it comes to the hardware you choose to employ, be honest. Consider retail space, square footage and the number of budtenders to determine your exact cannabis retail hardware needs. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure; we can share our experience from thousands of implementations during the onboarding call.

Q: Will I need to change how I do business?

A: Not much. Naturally, there’s an element of change to any software implementation, but we are largely trying to mesh with the way you already run your cannabis retail operation. Our goal is to minimize any disruption.

If your question didn’t make this list, give us a call at 1.844.667.2682 (COVA) or request a no strings attached demo. Our team members are ready to chat today.  


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