Your cannabis retail technology, like a POS or cannabis inventory management solution, is the most important investment you'll make when opening a cannabis retail operation. By choosing and implementing the right tech, you'll empower your budtenders, report cannabis sales with ease, and make smart business decisions fast.

In addition to the operational advantages, the cannabis dispensary POS you select can elevate the customer shopping experience and make your establishment the go-to dispensary in town.

How do you ensure you’re making the right decision for your needs today and well into your green future?

Our team of retail experts researched and gathered information from across the spectrum and found 7 considerations to make before committing to a cannabis dispensary POS – the backbone of your marijuana retail operation.

Read this guide:

  • if you’re planning to open a dispensary. It’s vital to incorporate information on POS into your business plan when applying for a license.
  • if you already have a POS system but you’re wondering if it’s the right tool for the job. Technology moves fast. Perhaps there are better options?
  • if you don’t have a POS solution but want to up your game. It’s much more than operations – POS saves money and elevates the dispensary experience, making it easier to compete in a buzzing market.