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How Cova’s Integrations and Strategic Partnerships Benefit Cannabis Retailers

Cova-API-Strategy-PartnersIn today’s digital-driven marketplace, shoppers have come to expect a lot from retail brands. They want the freedom to browse and purchase online, in-store, or through a combination of the two — which is why an omnichannel retail strategy is so important these days.

Cannabis consumers are no different. They have high expectations when it comes to cannabis shopping, and here at Cova, our focus is helping our cannabis retail clients provide the most sophisticated dispensary experience possible.

Cova’s cannabis retail POS, express checkout, and digital signage systems are all about elevating the in-store experience. But we know our clients are looking for ways to optimize and enhance their entire retail ecosystem, and we want to make integrating with other industry-leading software products as seamless as possible. This way, our clients can provide the highest level of service to their customers.

Our Approach to API Integrations

Oftentimes, software manufacturers try to focus on several areas at once, but end up spreading themselves thin — which typically leads to a suite of products of average-at-best quality. At Cova, we take the approach of being the best-in-class at our core competency and partnering with other industry-leading companies through POS software integrations to provide the most well-rounded and supportive retail ecosystem possible.

For instance, our partnership with Leafly allows retailers to forget about manual menu updates and ensures that customers can find accurate inventory information in real time. From a customer satisfaction point of view, this capability is a game-changer, since nothing turns consumers off more than traveling to a dispensary only to find the product they saw online is actually out of stock.

Here’s a look at some other key benefits dispensary owners and their customers gain from our strategic partnerships and API integrations:

  • Order Online: In this day and age, online ordering capabilities are absolutely essential for retailers looking to maximize sales. With Cova, your customers can easily place orders electronically for delivery or in-store pickup, thanks to our seamless integrations with internet cannabis marketplaces like Greenrush and iheartjane.
  • Stay Connected: The most powerful form of advertising is one you can’t pay for: word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients. And while you can’t buy their referrals, you can build long-lasting relationships with customers — making them much more likely to recommend your dispensary — by providing superb experiences and staying in contact. Delivering value through informative content and targeted promotions is a breeze with Cova’s integration with Baker, an industry-leading CRM platform.
  • Boost Visibility: In-store digital signage helps you increase sales by amplifying promotions, educating customers about new products, and bringing your brand to life. Cova’s digital signage solution fully integrates with cannabis menu and media platforms like Enlighten, Budvue, and APOP Media.
  • Get Analytics: Cova’s detailed dispensary reporting features help you dive deep into your store’s performance, giving insights into sales trends, inventory counts, and other key metrics. Plus, our integration with Headset lets you easily access industry-wide data like market trends, competitor performance, forecasting, and more.

Compliance Integration

No cannabis POS solution is complete without the ability to integrate with the state or province’s traceability system. Cova’s compliance integrations mean our clients save time, money, and potential infractions with real-time compliance reporting. A single compliance infraction can potentially lead to significant penalties, including the loss of your hard-earned license.

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