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How to Choose a Seed-to-Sale Compliant POS for Your Michigan Dispensary

Cova-POS-for-Your-Michigan-Cannabis-DispensaryFollowing the legalization of recreational sales in late 2018, lawmakers are busily writing the regulations that will govern Michigan’s adult-use cannabis market. Naturally, a major aspect of regulation is the tracking of all cannabis product as it moves through the supply chain — which means retailers will need a seed-to-sale compliant POS for Michigan marijuana sales.

Of course, there’s a big difference between seed-to-sale software and a dispensary point of sale that is compliant with seed-to-sale requirements. Cova’s POS is designed specifically for cannabis retailers and medical dispensaries, and our system fully complies with all of Michigan’s medical marijuana tracking and reporting requirements. What’s more, Cova supports recreational retailers across California, Colorado, Washington and Canada — which means we can help your Michigan medical provisioning center seamlessly transition to recreational sales if and when you’re ready.

How to Choose a Compliant POS System for Your Michigan Cannabis Dispensary 

Here are the top six capabilities you need in a dispensary POS to keep your Michigan marijuana dispensary compliant with state regulations.

1. Ability to interface with the statewide monitoring system in Michigan

Under Michigan law, all licensed cannabis operators must adopt a third-party inventory control and tracking system that is capable of integrating with Metrc, the statewide monitoring system.

There is a provision in the law that says operators may choose to manually access and enter information into Metrc, but doing so is highly inefficient, costly, and dangerous; one simple error by you or your employees when entering sales and inventory data could result in a compliance infraction and land you a penalty.

Because Cova is fully integrated with Metrc, you won’t have to worry about wasting time on manual reporting — our software automatically reports all required data into the state’s system. In fact, our clients save an average of 50 hours every month just in inventory auditing alone.

2. Tracking of lot and batch information

As the name implies, seed to sale tracking involves the monitoring of all cannabis product as it moves through the entire supply chain. Since the retail location is the final stop for marijuana products before being sold to the end user, licensed retailers in Michigan must utilize an inventory control system that identifies and tracks lot and batch information and reconciles it in Metrc.

Cova’s POS not only meets this requirement, but it also streamlines cannabis inventory management so you can easily keep up with every gram of product that enters and exits your store.

3. Reporting and tracking of inventory discrepancies

Naturally, Michigan’s marijuana tracking law requires the reporting of inventory discrepancies. This is more than just a compliance concern — it’s also a matter of public safety. For retailers, routine inventory auditing is paramount to preventing diversion of cannabis into the hands of the underage and the illicit market.

Additionally, Cova helps dispensary owners prevent retail theft by allowing them to set permissions for individual staff members. This way, you can restrict certain actions to be available only to management, and prohibit employees from selling to themselves or authorizing discounts for their friends.

4. Verifying registered patient/caregiver status or age prior to sale

As a medical marijuana provisioning center owner, your inventory control and POS system must be able to cross-check and verify that cannabis products are only sold to qualifying patients or their registered caregivers. Cova makes meeting this requirement simple with scanners that verify the customer’s eligibility to purchase medical cannabis. Scanners also allow our clients who retail recreational cannabis the ability to easily verify their customers’ ages before conducting sales.

Not only does this feature speed up the check-in process and reduce transaction times, but it also protects you from a potential compliance infraction by ensuring your employees aren’t fooled by a fake ID.

5. Providing marijuana sales analytics to the state

Another requirement placed on dispensaries is the reporting of key performance indicators like total daily sales and inventory adjustments. Here again, Cova simplifies this task by generating detailed sales and inventory reports using data directly from your dispensary point of sale.

Along with fulfilling your obligation to the state, Cova’s robust reporting capabilities give you the insights needed to maximize revenue. You’ll ensure you always have high-selling items in stock and be able to create custom promotions and deals based on your customers’ habits and preferences.

6. Ensuring all sales adhere to purchase limits

Selling more than the legal limit is a huge no-no for cannabis retailers. Whether it’s intentional looping or an honest mistake, the fact is it carries major consequences. Cova protects your business with automated purchase limit alerts, which ensure your front line staff members never sell more than the legal amount.

While Michigan’s purchase limit for recreational sales has yet to be determined, the law states that adults aged 21 and up may possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis or equivalent product in public. For registered qualifying patients, up to 2.5 ounces may be purchased per day.

Optimize Your Operation with Cannabis Retail Technology

Along with satisfying all of Michigan’s requirements for an inventory control and tracking system, Cova goes above and beyond to keep you compliant and optimize your operation at every turn.

For instance, our dispensary POS automatically calculates product equivalencies so your budtenders don’t have to flip through a conversion chart with a calculator while customers wait in line. Additionally, Cova protects your business with its programmable store hours function. This means the POS will only operate within the authorized hours of operation, saving you from a potentially hefty fine or the loss of your license altogether.

Ready to See Cova in Action?

If you’re ready to get up close and personal with Cova and see exactly what it can do for your Michigan cannabis dispensary, book a free demo today.


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