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5 Must-See Cannabis Dispensaries in California - San Diego

cannabis dispensaries in California

Sunshine, beaches, and blue skies. As a prime spot for vacationing millennials, San Diego has really come onto the scene with a plethora of spots designed to meet your every need, including cannabis. 

These retail owners don’t mess around when it comes to beautiful dispensary design and a wide range of products to choose from. If you can take some time away from the beach, check out these 5 must-see cannabis dispensaries in San Diego. 

1. UrbnLeaf


Touting themselves as a new standard in cannabis and offering San Diego three prime locations to choose from, UrbnLeaf certainly sets the bar high. Their upscale design includes an incredibly well-lit shop with sleek displays and digital signage. Aside from just being pretty, they aim to get to know their local community through vendor partnerships and various events at their cannabis retail operation.

2. Golden State Greens (PLPCC)

Golden State Greens

Music events, celebrity sightings, and vendor demos are only part of what makes Golden State Greens so appealing to cannabis consumers. They’ve also designed their shop exceptionally well, focusing on how their store layout affects the flow of customers and the service they are able to provide. Offering one of the largest selections of cannabis products in San Diego, it’s a destination you have to see to believe.

3. Apothekare


Curved and wood-paneled walls make you feel like you just stepped into a futuristic spaceship, but the staff at Apothekare are anything but alien. You’ll feel like a part of the crew from the moment you walk in, as they engage each cannabis consumer like an old friend. Having a solid grasp on their retail promotions and giveaways, Apothekare bestows every new shopper with a gift bag, a free pre-roll, and more.

4. Southwest Patient Group 

Southwest Patient Group

The creative thinkers at Southwest Patient Group have a huge – 7,000 square feet to be exact – retail operation. Rather than filling their shop with countless display shelves, owners decided to dedicate the additional square footage to educating customers via digital signage and onsite events with vendors. On your first visit, we highly recommend a tour with one of their friendly staff members. 

5. The Healing Center San Diego

The Healing Center

Square footage is a must-have for many entrepreneurs, expect for The Health Center San Diego, who decided to think small at their cannabis dispensary. Their retail shop, which is decorated in light colors to keep a bright and airy feel is perfect for cannabis consumers looking for an intimate shopping experience. 

Fun in the sun is what San Diego is all about, but make sure to fit other kinds of recreation in there too! Wondering how you can build a beautiful (and profitable) cannabis retail shop? Subscribe to our blog for all of the tips and best practices you’ll need!


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