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3 Loyalty Programs to Implement at Your Cannabis Dispensary

3-Customer-Loyalty-Programs-to-Implement-at-Your-Cannabis-Dispensary.jpgBuilding a loyal customer base at your cannabis dispensary can be a multifaceted effort, and things like having your budtenders prepared for any customer question or creating a relaxed atmosphere can go a long way toward repeat patrons. However, one way to truly set yourself apart and create increased customer loyalty at your dispensary can come in the form of various programs.

Here are three ideas to experiment with to see what works best for you:

Bring a Friend Rewards

Since the ultimate goal of a loyalty program is to keep current customers coming back and entice new ones to visit, offering a discount for bringing a friend can work wonders. It’s up to the cannabis dispensary to determine how they want to structure it, but typically people will receive a set dollar amount off their next purchase for each new customer they refer to your shop.

Points for Purchase

Before the thought of keeping track of points has you running for the hills, think about how you might be able to utilize your cannabis pos system to help with customer loyalty. Your shop could offer any point system you like, but most tend to opt for the reward of one point per every $1 spent, and points can be redeemed for discounts once a certain amount has been accumulated. Imagine if your technology could help with the implementation of this idea and keep track for you!

Discount Cards

This idea is like a sandwich punch card for a cannabis dispensary, where after your ninth purchase you get a discount on your tenth. Again, the terms of the deals your shop offers can vary to your liking, but there’s something to be said for customers carrying your card in their wallet at all times. Discount cards can be an extra incentive for patrons who visit your location frequently, as they’ll probably brag to their friends about how much money they’ve saved.

Whether it’s keeping customers happy, a form of market research or any easy way to become the favorite cannabis dispensary in town, the benefits of using a customer loyalty program are endless. Remember, using your cannabis pos system can help to streamline all of these ideas and make it super simple to track points, discounts, and referrals.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how technology designed specifically for a cannabis dispensary can benefit your shop, request a demo of our point of sale system today.


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