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Dispensary Menus and Your Customer Experience

Self-serve kiosk We know we don’t have to tell you this, but it’s 2019. That means if you’re still rocking laminated menu sheets or three-ring binders full of menu items in your cannabis retail store, well, it’s time to upgrade.

In all seriousness, tablet-based dispensary menus can drastically improve your store’s aesthetic and enhance the overall customer experience.

How? Here are three ways.

1. Electronic menus keep your dispensary’s offerings up to date.

Nothing puts a damper on customer experience quite like getting to the checkout counter only to find the menu item you most want is out of stock. And when you’re working with paper menus, there’s a much higher chance of this happening more than you’d care for it to.

In a cannabis retail store, menu updates typically happen on a daily basis — sometimes several times a day. Making the appropriate changes to a file on your computer, printing out dozens of copies and distributing them throughout your store is time-consuming, expensive and highly inefficient.

With tablet-based dispensary menus, you can quickly and easily make menu updates that will be reflected in all the menus across your store in real time. Even better: if you have an integrated cannabis dispensary point of sale system in place, your inventory will be automatically updated as transactions occur and reflected across your store’s touchscreen menus.

2. Touchscreen menus allow your customers to browse independently and make informed decisions.

Many first-time cannabis consumers don’t know exactly what they want or need in a cannabis product — and they may feel intimidated talking to a budtender about it, especially if they’re looking to treat a medical condition. Placing self-serve kiosks strategically throughout your store allows customers to browse your inventory, learn more about your product offerings and find the perfect solution for their needs easily and privately.

With a user-friendly touchscreen menu, your customers can find cannabis products based on flavor, mood or medical condition. Your budtenders can also walk customers through this process easily on a tablet-based menu.

3. Deliver a deeper brand experience that your customers will connect with.

How much can you really convey with a printed paper menu? Tablet-based dispensary menus allow you to deliver your brand story in a unique and memorable way. Theme and customize your menu displays with templates that complement your dispensary’s look and vibe. You can even set up promotional videos to play that will really reflect your store’s personality.

Learn More About Enhancing Customer Experience With Dispensary Menus

Want to learn more about how dispensary menus can take your cannabis retail store to the next level? Chat with us or schedule a demo today!


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