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How to Maximize Customer Experience with Your Cannabis Retail POS

point of sale software for marijuana

As a cannabis retailer, you have a lot on your plate. On top of keeping up with all the same business aspects that traditional retailers do, you also have to worry about remaining compliant with your state’s cannabis regulations and ensure all compliance reporting is accomplished in an accurate and timely manner.

As if all this wasn’t enough, you also have to remember that, as a retailer, customers are the heart of your business. If your customers aren’t enjoying their shopping experiences in your store, they’re unlikely to return – and they’re more likely to tell several people all about your poor customer service.

So how can you ensure you’re providing your customers with the best cannabis shopping experience possible? Aside from hiring competent, outgoing budtenders and training them properly in customer service, you can arm your employees with the tools that will help them deliver a top-notch customer experience your clients will appreciate and remember.

Your Point-of-Sale Is Your Number One Tool

There’s no more useful tool at your budtenders’ disposal than your dispensary point-of-sale system – if you have the right system in place, that is. If your POS is cumbersome, sluggish, and not built for the specific needs of a cannabis retail operation, it can negatively impact the shopping experience and leave your customers less than impressed.

At Cova, we’ve designed specialized point-of-sale software for marijuana retailers that meets your unique needs. Along with addressing your compliance and state reporting requirements, Cova’s dispensary POS system empowers your budtenders to provide a customer experience your clients will rave about.

How? Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Smooth, fast end-to-end experience: Cova POS includes features designed to speed up the customer experience from the moment they walk in your dispensary’s doors. Our ID scanner verifies customers/patients fast, and auto-apply discounts at checkout decrease overall transaction time.
  • Information at your budtenders’ fingertips: With our easy-to-use platform, your budtenders are empowered to find the information they need to help your customers get exactly what they want – quickly and efficiently. Budtenders can easily reference strain information, product photos, current prices, and inventory levels across all of your locations.
  • Mobile capability: Instead of restricting your budtenders to the counter with a desktop POS, arm them with Cova’s tablet-based system for ultimate mobility. They’ll be able to stroll the sales floor with your customers for much smoother interactions.
  • Easy to learn and use: The best POS system isn’t worth much if it’s too cumbersome or complicated to learn. Our system is intuitive and can be learned very quickly.
  • Offline mode to keep lines moving when Wi-Fi is down: Internet outages are inevitable. But with Cova’s offline mode, you’ll still be able to process sales and keep your lines moving at normal speed.

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