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5 Customer Service Best Practices for Your Dispensary

Customer Service 5 Best Practices  to Implement at Your Dispensary-2.jpgEvery business thrives off of its customer base, and making sure their experience is second to none will be a huge factor in the success of your cannabis dispensary. But how do you know what best practices to implement?

It might be helpful to think about how you’d want to be treated during a visit to a pot shop, but it’s doubtful that every customer will desire the same thing as you or your staff. Aside from making decisions about your marijuana software or your marketing plan, here are five areas to think about when building your brand.

1. Know your stuff

Not only do your budtenders need to know your products to be able to serve customers, but they should understand the multitude of cannabis uses and how certain strains might work well for specific customer requests.

Keep in mind; it’s a must that your budtenders do not recommend products for various ailments. While they should be educated on what works well and can share anecdotes about what has been successful for them, they in no way can guarantee results for a customer.

2. Get to know your customers

A solid rapport goes a long way when someone walks into a marijuana dispensary. As your budtenders become more experienced with your customer base and develop inventory expertise, they’ll soon be able to guide shoppers to the best items for them, whether they’re looking for female specific products or have aversions to certain strains.

Now imagine combining this knowledge with a tool that can capture your customer’s past purchases and help to identify their preferences - now you’re talking!

3. Create the right environment

When it comes to marketing and identifying the elements of your brand, there’s nothing that helps the customer experience more than a welcoming cannabis dispensary atmosphere.

Not only should patrons be given the option to get in and out quickly or be left alone to wander, but a cannabis dispensary should allow them to learn and explore how your products can help them. The cherry on top for customers in any industry is being able to be served efficiently and effectively, so a smooth check in and check out process is a must.

4. Take time to follow up

Visiting a local marijuana dispensary shouldn’t be a one and done experience; instead, your budtenders should take the time to nurture relationships with frequent customers. By utilizing a history of past purchases, staff members can ask about someone’s experience with a particular strain the next time they see them.

Utilizing tools like loyalty programs and advertising various promotions or communications can also go a long way toward providing that personalized touch. Dispensaries who can keep all of this information in one place through industry specific POS are a step ahead of the game.

5. Become an industry leader

Take your customer service experience to the next level with a comprehensive dispensary marketing plan that includes local events to build up your area. Provide additional information to businesses in the area and be open to partnering with them for volunteer opportunities.

Your location can even hold classes and position yourself as a hub of the community. People’s perceptions about marijuana dispensaries are quickly changing, so seize the opportunity to become a thought leader in your community.

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