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5 Must Have Tools for Cannabis Retail (Part Two)


Opening and operating a profitable cannabis retail operation requires vast knowledge in a lot of different areas. You've been warned: an unwavering passion for cannabis won't cut it. With all that you have to keep up with, utilizing the retail tools available to dispensary owners is what can set your business apart from the rest.

In part one of this series, we listed a handful of platforms that are designed to educate budtenders, empower owners, and help grow a successful shop. In part two, we’re going to share five more that will help make your day to day operations a breeze!

1. Simplify Internal Communications

Sometimes you need to communicate with the rest of your staff in a way that’s discreet and comprehensive. What if you need to give a message to a budtender but they’re with a customer, or you have a staff announcement to make? Use Slack as a secure messaging tool that only your team can access. With a built-in sense of humor, Slack even has chat rooms for staff members to have some fun.

2. Manage Cannabis Compliance

If you ask cannabis retail shop owners what their number one concern is, there’s a good chance they’ll talk about compliance. While legal counsel is recommended for new shops, it can be difficult to afford. Simplifya offers tools for checking compliance and can even connect you with an auditor for additional help.

3. Join the #CannabisCommunity Conversation

Currently the largest publicly traded cannabis social media tool out there, it depends on customers for its success. MassRoots allows users to view strain information and new products; it can also be used by budtending staff to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s new and trending in the industry. When optimizing your own social media presence, consider the influence that MassRoots has.

4. Connect with Retail Suppliers 

Looking to improve your supply chain? This Washington company is changing the way operators communicate with one another. GrasshopperHub is an online B2B platform that connects producers, processors, and retailers through an online marketplace, thereby eliminating the inefficiencies and costs associated with time-consuming manual processes. 

5. Get Organized 

Using the concept of boards and teams to keep items organized, Trello is a great way to flesh out ideas that relate to marketing, promotions, new products, and more. Rather than using a stack of sticky notes or notepads, Trello allows all of your thoughts to live in one easy to use place.

When it comes to setting yourself up to succeed, using tools to make your job a little bit easier is key.

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