An Award-Winning Dispensary POS Fully Compliant with OMMA Regulations

From effortless Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority monthly reporting to built-in ID scanning and purchase limit alerts, Cova’s seed-to-sale compliant dispensary POS & Inventory Management software helps Oklahoma cannabis retailers save time and make money. The intuitive, easy-to-use sales tools are a big hit with budtenders, and dispensary owners who want to spend less time training staff and more time running their cannabis dispensary. With comprehensive back-end features and workflows for online ordering and curbside pickup, Cova’s scalable Point of Sale platform helps businesses expand and is trusted by nearly 200 dispensaries across Oklahoma.

Q & A

1. How does Cova help Oklahoma dispensaries maintain compliance?

Cova’s dispensary software streamlines OMMA reporting, with comprehensive inventory management that tracks all sales in real-time and generates monthly reports with all required data. Cova’s POS system has built-in purchase limit alerts to prevent over-selling, and an integrated ID scanner to verify medical marijuana patient ID. The system calculates product equivalencies to reduce human error, and automatically calculates and reports cannabis sales taxes.

2. Does Cova integrate with online menus to enable online ordering and curbside pickup?

Cova integrates with top platforms like Leafly Pickup, Dutchie, I Heart Jane, and Weedmaps so Oklahoma dispensaries can showcase their inventory via online menus and popular marketplaces. This can allow customers to reserve online for curbside pickup. The system also offers open APIs that enable custom website and menu solutions. These integrations let you to manage your inventory and order fulfillment from one place—the Cova POS. Orders placed online will be sent to the POS in real-time, and inventory will be updated automatically on your menus, so your customers always know what’s in stock.

3. Which POS features help streamline Oklahoma dispensary operations?

Cova’s award-winning, highly intuitive user interface helps your budtenders access product info on the fly and create orders quickly. Refined sales tools and fast transaction times help your front-of-house dispensary team keep up with peak volume. The robust back-end management gives owners and operators complete control over employee permissions and access to reports-on-demand and mobile dashboards that empower them to make quick and confident business decisions.

4. Is Cova POS seed-to-sale compliant software?

Cova Software is seed-to-sale compliant and meets all OMMA rules and regulations. This refers to the system’s ability to track and report inventory to the state, and is not to be confused with “seed-to-sale” software marketed to vertically integrated operations that grow, process, and sell cannabis. Cova is built specifically for dispensary POS and inventory management. In fact, many vertically integrated Oklahoma retailers choose Cova to manage their dispensary operations and use dedicated grow software to manage that part of their business, since the all-in-one “seed-to-sale” systems tend to lack in one area or the other.

5. I’m a first-time dispensary owner in Oklahoma. What help is available for new Oklahoma cannabis retailers?

Cova has helped hundreds of small business owners across Oklahoma launch successful dispensaries and worked with multi-location operations as they expand. Our premier launch team goes beyond system setup, training and tech support. We show retailers how to implement dispensary best practices, how to operate within OMMA regulations, and how to avoid common mistakes to protect their investment, and increase their profits.

6. What sets Cova apart from other POS systems?

POS systems designed for other industries can’t help Oklahoma dispensaries with compliance or deliver the kind of customer experience customers expect. And many companies that do offer cannabis-specific POS are tech startups with limited resources that could go out of business suddenly during challenging times. Cova has the entrepreneurial spirit and agility needed to keep pace with evolving regulations, and also the resources and financial backing of an established company. We leverage proven, enterprise-capable infrastructure to provide the industry’s most reliable and secure retail management platform.



Whether you offer in-store or curbside pickup through Leafly, Weedmaps, or your own custom website, managing orders from multiple sources is easy in Cova → fully integrated + easy to plug in.



Streamlined sales tools + refined tech infrastructure =  speedy transactions. Don’t believe what the other guys say, see for yourself what Cova can do.


Batch scan & bulk adjust to save a ton of time. Track & move inventory across multiple areas to optimize FIFO best practices and reduce fraud.


Spotty Wi-Fi in your store? Here's part of why Cova is the most reliable POS: we have your back with offline backups and automatic syncing when Wi-Fi reconnects. Bottom line: sales aren't interrupted.


Reward loyal customers and show seniors & veterans some love with flexible promotions and loyalty programs. Earn new customers with integrated gift cards.


Mobile dashboards show you real-time metrics at a glance. Easy to export & schedule reports show you a full view of your business: employee performance,inventory, sales and profit.



Cova is loved by hundreds of Oklahoma entrepreneurs. Word is out: Cova the best-reviewed and most recommended dispensary POS in the state.


We understand that support is crucial not only when you open your store, but on an ongoing basis as you grow. Our in-house support is quick to answer your phone calls, e-mails, or chat requests. We’re on-call 24/7 for emergencies.


Even on the busiest days, at the highest volume locations, Cova won’t let you down, and won’t lag when you need to keep the lines moving.


Not only does Cova generate ready-to-submit OMMA reports and offer automated compliance safeguards to meet current rules, we’re on top of all Oklahoma regulations, and always developing our platform to adapt to changes.