Free Guide: A Complete Guide to METRC Compliance for Dispensaries

Don’t let METRC intimidate you! We're breaking down this government tracking system to help simplify maintaining compliance for your marijuana dispensary. When it comes to protecting your license, you need to be confident that you are operating within the laws and regulations relevant to your state.

Our brand new guide is the ultimate resource for anyone who needs to be compliant with laws and regulations within their state in order to maintain their license. We also cover additional tips for running your marijuana dispensary with ease including streamlined tracking and reporting.

You can expect to learn the following and more:

  • What exactly METRC is and how it works for compliance
  • How to get ready for METRC including costs and training
  • How to effectively work with METRC using RFID tags
  • Why choosing the right POS can help with integration
  • The key differences of METRC within specific states

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