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An Award-Winning, Fully Compliant Dispensary Point of Sale for Mississippi Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

Cova POS is a comprehensive cannabis dispensary point-of-sale system that offers incredible value to Mississippi marijuana dispensaries looking to save time, increase profits and always stay compliant with the state's cannabis laws. Cova Software gets rave reviews from budtenders for providing personalized recommendations to patients and dispensary owners for being easy to use and incredibly fast at processing transactions. Intuitive, streamlined sales tools reduce training time for employees, and robust inventory management capabilities improve operational efficiency. In-built ID barcode scanners and purchase limits ensure that you will legally sell only to patients or caregivers with a valid medical marijuana card and remain compliant with the law. Whether your dispensary is located in Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven, or any other city in Mississippi, Cova is the best cannabis POS system for you, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments.

Cova POS has made MSPMP reporting super easy for us. It automatically formats the required report into a compatible CSV file, that can be quickly uploaded to the PMP Clearinghouse website. It literally takes just one click, and it's done.

Tabatha Estes, Director of Operations, Green Magnolia Dispensaries

Q & A

1. How does Cova POS help Mississippi Marijuana Dispensaries with compliance?

Cova’s marijuana POS software system streamlines MSDH and MSPMP reporting, with comprehensive inventory management that tracks and traces all products to ensure regulatory and compliance requirements and generates real-time reports as per Mississippi's Medical Marijuana Program requirements. Cova’s POS system has built-in purchase limit alerts as per Mississippi state’s allowance for a medical patient and an integrated ID scanner to verify the medical patient card produced by the consumer or caregiver. The system also reports cannabis sales taxes collected by Mississippi, thus eliminating manual work. Cova simplifies MSPMP reporting like no other POS system.

2. Does Cova provide cannabis eCommerce and online menu solutions?

Cova integrates with all top platforms like Leafly Pickup, Dutchie, I Heart Jane, and Weedmaps so that Mississippi Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers can get their live menus on the biggest cannabis marketplaces,  allowing customers to reserve online and pick up in-store if allowed. These integrations let you manage your inventory and order fulfillment from one place—the Cova POS. However, with Cova eCommerce, you get a fully hosted native eCommerce website with advanced SEO capabilities. Orders placed via Cova eComm will be sent to the POS in real-time, and inventory will be updated automatically so your customers always know what’s in stock.

3. How does Cova POS help Mississippi Marijuana Dispensaries streamline their operations?

Cova’s intuitive user interface helps Mississippi marijuana treatment centers' budtenders access product info and create orders quickly. Access to data will help provide customized recommendations based on qualifying medical conditions. The robust back-end management tools give store owners complete control over employee permissions, access to reports-on-demand, and real-time visibility into store performance via mobile dashboards. Advanced inventory tools like Cova’s reorder report, batch scanning, bulk imports, and rooms segmentation improve efficiency and accuracy.

4. What support does Cova offer to Mississippi Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers?

Cova is proud to offer the best support in the industry. Our premier launch team goes above and beyond to set up your retail tech, train your staff on how to use it, and share cannabis industry best practices to help marijuana dispensary owners avoid common mistakes and run a profitable store. Our team has an incredible response time that averages 0.52 seconds, and emergency support is available 24/7. It’s the #1 reason cannabis retailers switch to and stick with Cova—the best customer support.

5. Do I need a cannabis industry-specific POS system?

POS systems designed for other industries don’t automate compliance reporting and will cost you hours of time manually creating reports.  A generic POS system often lacks functions that make cannabis sales compliant and profitable. A cannabis-specific POS helps you manage your dispensary inventory better and deliver a superior customer experience. Only a dedicated marijuana dispensary POS will offer seamless integration with the tech you need to build a complete medical marijuana ecosystem, expand your business, and establish yourself as an authority in Mississippi's cannabis marketplace.

6. What sets Cova apart from other cannabis POS systems?

Many cannabis POS companies are tech startups with limited experience and could be bought out or may go out of business at any time. While Cova has the agility and entrepreneurial spirit vital for adapting to evolving cannabis regulations and market feedback, we also have the resources and financial backing of an established company. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the largest cannabis software companies in North America with a massive clientele, and your marijuana dispensary will benefit from our experience, knowledge, and expertise. Cova is HIPAA compliant, only one of the few cannabis software to be independently audited and certified. 

Cova Software Mississippi



Online Reserve + Pick Up

Whether you offer reserve online service through Leafly Pickup, Weedmaps, or your own custom website, Cova makes it easy to manage orders from multiple sources in one place → fully integrated + easy to plug in.


Seamless Cannabis eCommerce

Effortlessly initiate a robust cannabis eCommerce platform that reflects your brand. Establish an online website that seamlessly synchronizes with your Cova POS for automatic updates. With marketing automation and SEO built-in, you'll reach more customers.


Offline Mode

Spotty Wi-Fi? Cova has your back with backup offline mode to ensure cash sales can continue even when your internet doesn't, ensuring almost 100% uptime. All transactions data syncs automatically once connection reestablishes.


Advanced Inventory Management

Batch scan & bulk adjust to save time and improve auditing. Track & move inventory across multiple areas to optimize FIFO and reduce fraud using Cova’s exclusive Rooms segmentation.


Robust On-Demand Reports and Dashboards

Customized dashboards show you real-time metrics at a glance, and easy-to-export reports show you a full view of your business: employee performance, inventory, sales, and profits.


Digital Payment Solutions

With Cova cannabis cashless payments, you can overcome the limitations of cash-only transactions and provide your dispensary clientele with the flexibility to pay for their preferred cannabis products using various methods, including branded gift cards.

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