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A Fully Compliant, Fast & Flexible POS System for Illinois Cannabis Dispensaries

Cova’s dispensary software gives Illinois cannabis retailers the reliability and flexibility needed to operate in a highly regulated and soon-to-be competitive market. Our award-winning Point of Sale & Inventory Management platform is purpose-built for cannabis retail and used by hundreds of retailers across North America. For Illinois medical dispensaries and adult-use recreational stores, Cova POS is optimized to ensure compliance with IDFPR tracking, reporting, and recordkeeping regulations. It’s easy to use, backed by world-class customer support, and ready to scale for multi-location management. Whether your dispensary is located in Chicago or any other city, Cova is the best cannabis POS for you, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments.

Q & A

1. How does Cova POS help keep Illinois dispensaries compliant with cannabis regulations?

Cova is fully integrated with BioTrackTHC, the state cannabis verification system, to automate sales tracking and reporting. The POS system meets all tracking, reporting and inventory control system requirements, and features a number of automated safeguards to keep dispensaries compliant. This includes a built-in ID scanner, visual purchase limit gauge, automatic THC equivalency calculation, robust management settings, and seamless integration with dispensary security technology. These features greatly reduce the risk of human error and resulting penalties. Read more about Illinois cannabis laws and dispensary regulations.

2. Does COVA POS integrate with online menu and marketplace platforms?

Cova seamlessly integrates with popular marketplace and menu platforms like Weedmaps, Leafly, and I Heart Jane, allowing you to increase your visibility and get your menus in front of the maximum number of cannabis customers. Cova integration means your inventory is synced automatically, and always up-to-date, so customers never arrive expecting to buy a product that's sold out. Reserve and pick-up orders are sent directly to the POS, which allows you to manage orders and fulfillment from multiple sources in one place. Cova also has open an open API for future partners and custom website integration.

3. How does Cova help with inventory management and auditing?

Cova POS helps Illinois cannabis dispensaries streamline daily auditing with advanced inventory management features like batch scanning and bulk adjustments, which can save significant time and improve accuracy. Cova’s reorder report forecasts days of stock remaining so you can keep fast-moving product in stock. Our innovative Rooms feature lets you assign specific inventory to different areas in your store, like the back room and the sales floor, making it easier to practice FIFO and count product during auditing. We offer a free comprehensive guide to inventory management.

4. What training and support does Cova offer Illinois dispensaries?

Cova’s renowned launch team goes the extra mile to help new retailers. Our experts will not only set up your POS system and conduct staff and management training, we'll share retail best practices and alert you to common mistakes we’ve learned from working with hundreds of retailers across North America. After you’re up and running, our free in-house support is available to you via phone, chat, or e-mail, with remarkable response time. And Cova is always on-call 24/7 for emergency support.

5. What makes Cova better than a generic POS system?

A generic POS system, built for other retail industries, can’t help your dispensary stay compliant or competitive. It lacks the integration with the state’s traceability system, and inventory tracking and reporting features required by IDFPR regulations. Don’t put your trust in generic POS systems that offer a work-around solution. The lack of seamless integration and automated compliance features will cost you—at best—a lot of time submitting reports and dealing with human error. At worst, an infraction could cost you your license. 



6. What sets Cova apart from other cannabis POS systems?

Among the built-for-cannabis POS platforms, be cautious of startups that don’t have the secure infrastructure, experience or funding to keep up with constantly changing regulations or unexpected challenges. Cova maintains the same agility and passion as a startup—we’re all entrepreneurs at heart—but our platform is built on proven tech, our team is informed by years of retail experience, and we’ve worked closely with cannabis retailers and regulators across North America. We understand the industry and continuously develop our software to evolve with it. Cova is one of the fastest-growing and best-reviewed technology brands in cannabis. Cova is HIPAA compliant, and your dispensary patient data will always be stored securely.

Cova Software Illinois

“Cova POS is fast, efficient, and a goldmine of real-time, in-depth sales reports that help us make smart business decisions on the fly.”

Erik Hackett, General Manager, Illinois



Automated Compliance

Cova makes compliance easy, so you can make time to run your business. Automated features like ID scanning, age verification, and automated reporting to BioTrack save you time and offer peace-of-mind.


Cannabis eCommerce Enabled

You can easily showcase your live menu on popular marketplace platforms like Leafly, Weedmaps, Dutchie, or I Heart Jane. With Cova eCommerce fully integrated, Cova POS lets you manage orders from multiple sources in one place.


Multi-Location Management

Whatever scope of your dispensary plans, Cova’s scalable retail platform is ready to grow with you. Our system gives you operational insights and access to pricing, promotions sales across multiple stores, all from one place. We power some of the biggest dispensary chains in North America.


Advanced Inventory Tools

Cova’s Rooms feature lets you track and move inventory easily across multiple areas of your store, improving FIFO efficiency and making auditing easier. Batch scanning and bulk adjustments save time and reduce errors.

Offline Mode

Cova’s reliability is backed up by the ability continue transacting even when your internet drops. We keep your store running smoothly on the busiest of days, regardless of Wi-Fi hiccups.


Cannabis Cashless Payments

Cova Pay lets you accept digital payments while built-in flexible loyalty programs and integrated gift cards help you attract new customers and promote repeat business.  Cova's in-house gift card program is an industry first.

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