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"It’s more than a point of sale. Cova empowers us to deliver a unique customer experience."

Helene Vassos , Owner, Canvas Cannabis

Faces challenges head-on. Picks great tech to back her up.


"Cova has supported Spiritleaf’s rapid growth from 1 to over 100 stores. Their POS is easy to use, reliable, and tailored to cannabis retail."

Darren Bondar, President & CEO

Nearly 100 stores. Over $100M in sales. Dreams big. Needs his tech to keep up.


"You can trust the reputation or put in the research—if you want the best tool to serve your guests, you’ll go with Cova."

David Côté, Founder & Owner

Charting a new course beyond legalized to normalized. We’re on board.


"During inspection, they asked what our point of sale was. When we said Cova, that was the end of the discussion.” 

DJ O'Connors, Co-owner, Kia Ora Kannabis

Knows what it takes to earn a loyal customer. Is one.

Start your cannabis retail journey with Cova

Tell us about your retail vision, we'll show you how Cova POS can help.