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Pharmacists and Women-Owned Dispensary Powered by Cova Launches in NJ


With adult-use cannabis sales in New Jersey crossing $100 million and medical marijuana touching $65 million in the second quarter of 2022, the garden state is leading the way for the growth of the legal cannabis industry in the North-East United States. And with social equity reforms at the heart of cannabis regulations in all the new states joining the revolution, the efforts to make our industry more diverse and inclusive are finally bearing fruit.

One person who has always been at the forefront of ensuring equitable access to medicine, wellness, and healing is Ritesh Shah, CEO of Legacy Pharmacy Group and also the founder of Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy. With over 20 years of experience in health and wellness and a strong belief in the power of alternate medicine, Ritesh decided to bring the same values and ethos to the cannabis industry by launching NJ Leaf, which recently received its adult-use cannabis license in June 2023 and started serving recreational cannabis customers at its dispensary powered by Cova's cannabis retail technology. This case study elucidates why Ritesh, CEO/Managing Partner at NJ Leaf, and his team chose Cova Software for their dispensary software needs.

NJ Leaf: Locally-owned, Pharmacists-owned, Minority-owned Alternative Treatment Center

Guided by experienced pharmacists, NJ Leaf is a woman-owned, minority-owned cannabis dispensary looking at providing holistic treatment to medical cannabis patients in New Jersey and eventually an elevated customer experience for recreational customers. With a team comprised of people from the cannabis industry, hospitality, and non-profit sectors, NJ Leaf has already established a good work culture and environment even before the launch of its dispensary operations. NJ Leaf aims to be a destination dispensary where people from all walks of life feel comfortable visiting and asking all kinds of questions about cannabis and its benefits.

“We plan to use the knowledge I’ve gathered over the past decade to curate a locally-grown unique product list focused on wellness and exceptional quality,” mentions Luke Lieberman, General Manager.

Dissolving the Stigma Around Cannabis Through Education

Apart from creating a welcoming environment at their dispensary, NJ Leaf’s team wants to act as a beacon of light to guide people toward making the right choices when consuming cannabis. They believe that by educating people, imparting transparent knowledge, and bringing awareness, we cannot only dissolve the stigma surrounding cannabis but also counter the black market. It is only the beginning of legal cannabis in New Jersey. But as the market matures, the team has a solid plan to create a distinct brand image and differentiate themselves from competitors. And with Cova as their dispensary technology partner, they are confident about providing the best customer experience to all their patients and clients.

“Black market cannabis is either covered in mold or not authentic, and most consumers get duped. At NJ Leaf, our customers will benefit from the best quality legal cannabis and extremely competitive pricing,” declares Alisson Jensen, VP of Operations, Sales & Marketing.

Facilitating Great Customer Experiences with Technology 

As a pharmacist, Ritesh has always strived to help his patients achieve optimal health with the appropriate medication. At the same time, he also believed in the power of alternative medicine and feels fortunate to be living in a time when he can use his passion and knowledge to prescribe legal cannabis to people. But to facilitate an elevated customer experience in this highly regulated industry, one needs advanced cannabis technology that allows dispensaries to stay compliant with laws while helping streamline daily retail operations. Ritesh has found the functionality of Cova POS incredible, as he can control product pricing and inventory from anywhere. Cova Software’s solutions will allow NJ Leaf to ensure the maximum shelf life of cannabis products and the optimal well-being of its customers.

“How Cova POS seamlessly connects with its eCommerce and payments solutions is beautiful. I’m confident we’ll delight our customers with quick, secure, and convenient ways to purchase cannabis,” says Ritesh.

A Bright Future with the Right Cannabis Software Partner

The first NJ Leaf dispensary in the heart of Freehold is only the beginning for this team of passionate pharmacists and experienced cannabis professionals. As they await their recreational license and plan for vertical integration, they strive to create a positive impact on the growth of the legal cannabis industry in New Jersey. And with a responsible, adaptable, and flexible cannabis technology partner in Cova that imbibes the same values and passion for the industry, the NJ Leaf team knows they’ll be in good hands and always prepared for the future. Are you ready to take your dispensary to the next level? Click below to schedule a free demo with Cova now.


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