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An Award-Winning Dispensary POS Fully METRC-Integrated & Compliant in New Jersey

Cova’s award-winning POS and Inventory Management platform provides fast, reliable cannabis point-of-sale service to New Jersey cannabis retailers. Cova POS is fully METRC-integrated and compliant with NJ cannabis laws. Trusted as a best-in-class cannabis system by cannabis dispensaries all over North America, our software is loaded with intuitive sales tools and advanced inventory tracking capabilities to streamline your retail operations and maximize dispensary profits. Cova offers superior launch service & training, and premier ongoing support. If you're considering opening a dispensary in New Jersey, then you need seamless integrations with cannabis industry-leading tech partners and a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless dispensary payments. All these and more are offered by Cova, thus making it the best cannabis POS software solution for your dispensary.

Q & A

1. How does Cova POS help New Jersey dispensaries with compliance?

Cova’s cannabis dispensary software will streamline 'Cannabis Regulatory Commission' reporting, with comprehensive inventory management tools capable of tracking all sales and data required by Metrc, the state's chosen traceability system. Cova’s POS system has built-in purchase limit alerts to prevent over-selling, and an integrated ID scanner to verify legal age. The system is capable of calculating product equivalencies to reduce human error and will also automatically calculate and report cannabis sales taxes as per NJ state’s marijuana regulations. Cova is a compliance-first company and will continue to develop our software to meet all New Jersey regulations.


2. I’m a first-time dispensary owner. What help is available for new New Jersey cannabis retailers?

Cova has helped hundreds of business owners across North America launch successful dispensaries and worked with multi-location enterprises as well to help expand their business. Our launch team goes beyond system setup, training, and tech support to ensure that you are all set up and ready to provide a great customer experience to your clients. We show retailers how to implement dispensary best practices, how to operate within the necessary cannabis regulations, how to hire and train employees to become the best budtenders, and how to avoid common mistakes to avoid fines, protect your investment, and increase profits while staying ahead of the competition.

3. Does Cova integrate with online menus and marketplace websites to enable online ordering and curbside pickup?

Cova offers seamless integrations with menu and marketplace platforms including Weedmaps, Leafly, and I Heart Jane so that New Jersey cannabis dispensaries can showcase their available inventory easily. This allows customers to reserve online for curbside pickup or even order for delivery, thus enabling stores to provide a seamless customer experience. The system also offers open APIs that facilitate building a custom website and menu solutions. These integrations let you manage your inventory and order fulfillment directly from one place—the Cova POS. With Cova eCommerce, orders placed online on your SEO-optimized website will be sent to the POS in real-time, and inventory will be updated immediately on your menus so that customers always know what’s in stock.

4. What sets Cova apart from other POS systems?

With lightning-fast transactions, 100% uptime, and a reliable offline mode, Cova is the best-reviewed and most recommended dispensary software system in the US. Even on busy days like 420, Cova won’t let you down and with features like queue management and workforce scheduling, you’ll keep both customers and staff happy, and keep ringing your cash register. Cova has the cannabis industry-focused experience and agility needed to keep pace with evolving marijuana regulations and will be by your side with 24/7 customer support. We leverage proven, enterprise-capable infrastructure to provide the cannabis industry’s most reliable and secure platform so that you can let our robust technology facilitate the growth of your business.

5. Why is Cova eCommerce better than online menu providers?

An integrated cannabis eCommerce solution like Cova eComm surpasses iframe online menus due to the various benefits it offers. Firstly, it provides a seamless user experience, allowing customers to browse, add items to the cart, and complete purchases within a single platform. Secondly, it facilitates centralized management, and dispensaries can easily update product listings, inventory levels, pricing, and other crucial information from a single administration panel. However, most importantly, a native eCommerce solution like Cova allows Google to crawl your dispensary menus and website, making your business appear in organic search results, which augments your product SEO efforts, unlike with a third-party online menu provider.

6. Which digital payment solutions are included in Cova Pay, and what are the benefits?

Cova Pay offers cashless payment solutions like PIN Debit, ACH, Credit Cards (Canada), and branded Gift Cards. These offer convenience and various other benefits for cannabis businesses. Customers can easily pay with trusted methods, and dispensary businesses can maximize revenue by allowing customers to freely add to their baskets without worrying about cash. Evidently, customers tend to spend 25% more when they are not limited by the amount of cash they may be carrying on them. Cashless payments also enhance safety, efficiency, and the overall shopping experience by reducing robbery risks and inaccuracies and offering faster transactions.


“How Cova POS seamlessly connects with its eCommerce and payments solutions is beautiful. I’m confident we’ll delight our customers with quick, secure, and convenient ways to purchase cannabis.”

Ritesh Shah, CEO/Managing Partner



Multi-Location Management

Our scalable retail platform is ready to grow with you. Gain operational insights, adjust pricing, create promotions, and access sales across multiple locations in one place.

cannabis ecommerce software

Seamless Cannabis eCommerce

Effortlessly initiate a robust cannabis eCommerce platform that reflects your brand. Establish an online website that seamlessly synchronizes with your Cova POS for automatic updates. With marketing automation and SEO built in, you'll reach more customers.


Reports & Dashboards

Check on store performance on-the-go so you can make quick business decisions. Deep dive into robust operational reports, available on-demand or by regularly scheduled emails.


Inventory Tools

Assign and transfer inventory between specific sections of your store, like your backroom and display areas; Cova's Rooms allows for easier tracking, auditing, and FIFO execution. Save time and improve accuracy with reorder reports, batch scanning, and bulk adjustments.


Offline mode

A backup mode ensures disruptions in Wi-Fi don’t result in interrupted or lost sales. Keep transacting, and the system will sync and report once a connection is re-established. This is particularly useful on big sales days like 420 when your store will witness high traffic.

Cashless Payments + Dispensary gift cards

Digital Payment Solutions

With Cova cannabis cashless payments, you can transcend the constraints of cash-only transactions and provide your dispensary clientele with the flexibility to pay for their preferred cannabis products using various methods, including branded gift cards.

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