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The Future of Cannabis Retail is Here (VIDEO)

Cannabis Retail in Canada The cannabis industry has a storied past. And due to its long history of prohibition, it is one of the most highly regulated markets in the U.S. and Canada. However, as the industry continues to traverse the globe and shows no signs of slowing down, we believe the future of cannabis bright. At Cova, we strive to take the cannabis industry further than any other industry. We stand for cultivating an industry that operates as a collaborative ecosystem. We believe the only path toward responsible consumption is one made of testing, accountability, and transparency.

Last year, Cova Software teamed up with Baker Technologies, Headset and various industry leaders on a short film about the industry, it’s growth, and our vision for the future. It was an absolute pleasure collaborating in this alliance with a shared mission to transform the cannabis retail experience. As Canada’s federal legalization hits its one-year anniversary, we’re looking back on the interactive video and spoken words that beautifully explain how we plan to grow from our infancy.

Here’s what the movers, shakers, and bakers involved in this campaign envision for our budding industry.

The Future of Cannabis Retail

It’s amazing what can happen with just nourishment and time

With enough love and patience what can start to come alive

Without love it’s a challenge for new life to come alive

It gets treated with injustice and shoved off to the side

Blamed for things it didn’t do, defamed and framed and tried

Gets hacked and pushed and peddled

But the strong ones they survive

Because when something's meant to be it takes adversity in stride

And then after years of darkness it finally meets a beam of light

And it stops merely surviving

And it slowly learns to thrive

Welcome to the difference between apologetically trying to get by and seizing opportunity Making the most of life

We are here as an industry graduating from infancy

From unmarked plastic baggies to prison time for greenery

From dope to pot to weed to THC and CBD

From criminality to a part of the healthy routine

From the shadows and back alleys to the big-box mainstream

Kind of like a way sexier Walgreens

With wall-to-wall greens

From Shark Shock to Sour OG and everything in between

But labeled properly

So no more getting the munchies when you mean to fall asleep

From an industry of mystery to exactly what we need

Whether you’re a grandma with glaucoma or Snoop D-o-double-g

It’s not just about bringing relief to peeps with cancer, pain, epilepsy, PTSD, ADHD, migraines Huntington’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and HIV

The list goes on and on you see

It’s about putting what you need in your hands and not demanding that you call it weed

It’s your health, your high, your power, your mind

It’s for you

We stand together so what you want is what you’ll find

From fake handshakes with dollar bills slipped in between

To million-dollar deals that don’t rely on M16s

We’re no longer hiding from the flashing lights

We’re stepping out into the light

We’re moving higher towards the light

We are getting higher, yeah that’s right

And we’re going from trying to hide entire farms

To being embraced with open arms

The olden days they finally are going up into a puff of smoke

And from the ashes comes a new system with unprecedented precision and trusted information

From clone to yield to distribution, and safety precautions that help weed out hidden poisonous

What lies ahead is even better yet

Streamlined intelligence from start to finish to finesse

Every little effect

From seeds will stem the betterment of human existence

From recreation to medicine

From wellness to inspiration

From creativity to expansion

From seed to bud to flowering

Branching off and becoming more leaves than it thought it could ever be

It’s amazing what can be

Now that our roots are finally flushed with nourishment

You see, the future is coming.

Let's Shape the Next Generation of Cannabis Retail Together

We’re proud to be a part of the cannabis industry and believe that together we come alive. Now that you know what the future of cannabis retail looks like to us, what does it look like to you? To stay up-to-date on the cannabis industry, subscribe to our blog today!


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