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Ron Segev

Ron Segev

Ron Segev is the founding partner of Segev LLP. A practical-minded business lawyer with expertise in the cannabis industry, he represents cultivators, dispensaries, CBD extractors, oil extractors, food processors, media and marketing companies, consultancies, and other businesses in the legal cannabis market.

Ron has over 10 years of experience in regulatory and compliance, IP management, licensing, transactional, and commercial work. His legal experience extends to real estate, JV and M&A, vendor agreements, employment law, private venture finance, and public market finance.

Ron’s extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry is grounded in research that began years before legalization. He has helped dispensary owners and cannabis retailers new and old navigate the complex and evolving landscape of legal cannabis. His firm now acts as the outside in-house legal team to some of the biggest and fastest growing cannabis companies in Canada.

In addition to his experience in the cannabis space, Ron is an accomplished lawyer in the technology sector. His clients have included e-commerce software, analytics SaaS, and gaming companies among others. As a specialized igaming lawyer, he is adept at interpreting the nuances of a new and rapidly changing industry. He is a former General Counsel and Senior Legal Counsel for one of the world’s largest online gaming companies, and General Member of the International Masters of Gaming Law.

Ron’s keen eye for opportunity and sensitivity to risk, along with his resources and broad network of potential partners, make him a valued authority on cannabis law.