New York Cannabis Dispensary POS & Inventory Management

eCommerce + Analytics + Cashless Payments


An Award-Winning Dispensary POS Fully Compliant with OCM and MRTA Regulations

Cova’s award-winning POS & Inventory Management platform provides fast, reliable marijuana point-of-sale service to New York cannabis retailers. Cova POS is fully compliant with New York’s ‘Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act’ and is trusted as the best cannabis dispensary management system by dispensaries all over North America. Our software is loaded with the intuitive sales tools and advanced inventory tracking capabilities that you need to streamline your retail operations, maximize dispensary profits, and adhere to the Office of Cannabis Management’s reporting requirements. Seamless integrations with cannabis industry-leading tech partners like Leafly and Weedmaps and traceability systems like Metrc and BioTrack will make it easy for you to set up an online marketplace, provide marijuana delivery to customers, expand your retail ecosystem, and always stay compliant with local cannabis laws. Whether your dispensary is located in NYC or any other city in New York, Cova is the best cannabis POS for you, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments.

Q & A

1. How does Cova POS simplify compliance for New York cannabis retailers?

Cova’s cannabis dispensary software streamlines OCM reporting, with comprehensive inventory management tools that track all sales and data that will be required by the chosen state traceability systems. Cova's integrated ID scanner verifies customer age and flags invalid or expired cards and a purchase limit gauge helps budtenders keep an eye on legal limits. The system also calculates THC product equivalences for concentrates and edibles, and automatically applies the correct taxes. This automation greatly reduces human error and the risk of infractions, fines, or cannabis license suspension. The back-end Cova hub allows retailers to set operational hours, establish limits on discounts, and set different levels of employee permissions. Cova is a compliance-first company and will continue to develop its software to meet all New York regulations.


2. Does Cova integrate with online menus and marketplaces to enable online ordering and delivery?

Cova integrates fully with all top platforms like Leafly Pickup, I Heart Jane, and Weedmaps so that New York cannabis dispensaries can showcase their inventory online and facilitate curbside pickup and delivery to enhance the customer experience. This POS integration allows you to showcase your menu, reflecting your actual up-to-date inventory, on the biggest cannabis websites, where potential customers are searching for dispensaries in NY. The system also offers open APIs that facilitate building a custom website and menu solutions. These integrations let you manage your inventory and order fulfillment directly from one place—the Cova POS. Orders placed online whether on Cova eCommerce or any other platform will be sent to the POS in real-time, and inventory will be updated immediately on all your menus so that customers always know what’s in stock. 

3. Is Cova POS a seed-to-sale compliant software as per New York regulations?

Yes, in terms of seed-to-sale compliance for New York dispensaries, Cova software is 100% compliant with the OCM’s expected regulations. The system’s distinguished ability to track and report inventory to the state authorities has enabled retailers all from coast to coast to always remain compliant. But this is not to be confused with “seed-to-sale” software designed for vertically integrated operations that grow, process, and sell cannabis as Cova is built specifically for dispensary operations management and our POS empowers retailers to adhere to all cannabis retail laws. Many vertically integrated cannabis companies still choose Cova to manage retail operations and use dedicated grow software to manage that part of their business, since most all-in-one “seed-to-sale” software solutions prove insufficient for retail management.

4. I’m a first-time dispensary owner. What help is available for new New York cannabis retailers?

Cova has helped hundreds of small business owners across North America launch successful dispensaries and worked with multi-location enterprises as well to help expand their business. Our launch team goes beyond system setup, training, and tech support to ensure that you are all set up and ready to provide a great customer experience to your clients. We show retailers how to implement dispensary best practices, how to operate within the necessary cannabis regulations, how to hire and train employees to become the best budtenders, and how to avoid common mistakes to avoid fines, protect your investment, and increase profits while staying ahead of the competition. Cova has the cannabis industry-focused experience and agility needed to keep pace with evolving marijuana regulations and will be by your side with 24/7 customer support.



Our scalable retail platform is ready to grow with you. Gain operational insights, adjust pricing, create promotions, and access sales across multiple locations in one place.


Expand to online and offer in-demand services like curbside pickup or delivery with any of Cova’s top industry partners. Managing orders from multiple sources (Leafly, Weedmaps) is easy in Cova → fully integrated + easy to plugin.


Check on store performance on-the-go so you can make quick business decisions. Deep dive into robust operational reports, available on-demand or by regularly scheduled emails.


Assign and transfer inventory between specific sections of your store, like your backroom and display areas; Cova's Rooms allows for easier tracking, auditing, and FIFO execution. Save time and improve accuracy with reorder reports, batch scanning, and bulk adjustments.


A backup mode ensures disruptions in Wi-Fi don’t result in interrupted or lost sales. Keep transacting, and the system will sync and report once a connection is re-established. 

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Built-in flexible loyalty program management and branded gift cards help you attract new customers and promote repeat business. Learn more about Cova's integrated gift card program.



Cova’s intuitive UI and premier launch process mean there’s virtually no learning curve; even newbie budtenders can perform like product experts. From sales staff to management, our team will set your team up to operate with complete confidence.


We don’t disappear after launch day. Our free ongoing support is the best in the industry. When you call, we pick up, with a 51-second average wait time. Our in-house customer support team is also available via live chat or e-mail, and on call 24/7 for emergencies.


Regulations are always changing, and customer expectations evolve, so we invest heavily in development to ensure our tech keeps pace. We’re dedicated to keeping our customers compliant and equipping you with the features you need to grow your business.


At Cova, we embrace the challenges and rapid evolution of cannabis retail with the enthusiasm of a startup. But ours was formed from a retail technology company with 20 years of experience. Thus, we offer the most secure, fast, and reliable cannabis platform in the industry.




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