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A Compliant POS for Michigan Recreational Cannabis Stores & Provisioning Centers

Cova is an award-winning cannabis Point of Sale system, LARA-approved and compliant with all Michigan medical and recreational cannabis regulations. Whether you run a Provisioning Centre or a recreational adult-use cannabis dispensary, Cova POS can simplify compliance and streamline inventory management. Our fast, reliable Point of Sale software will delight your staff and customers alike. Cova’s robust retail management platform gives you the powerful management tools you need to run a profitable cannabis retail store and expand your sales channels with online menus, online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery. Whether your dispensary is located in Detroit or any other city in Michigan, Cova is the best cannabis POS system for your Michigan dispensary, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments.

Q & A

1. Is Cova validated to integrate with Metrc?

Cova is a LARA-approved and validated software provider with full 2-way Metrc API integration. All sales and refunds are automatically reported in real time to Michigan’s statewide monitoring system, which saves retailers time compared to submitting batch reports at the end of the day. Cova POS automatically syncs all inventory adjustments with Metrc reason codes, and easily imports manifests after they are received in Metrc, with all data pre-populated, eliminating the need for double entry. Learn more about working with Metrc.

2. What are Cova's automated compliance features?

Cova POS has an integrated ID scanner and purchases limit gauge to verify the eligibility of medical patients or the legal age of adult-use customers. Your budtenders can see at a glance the purchase limits remaining for each customer. The POS system will automatically calculate the appropriate taxes and product equivalencies to reduce the chance of human error. The back-end Cova hub allows dispensary owners to set operational hours, establish limits on discounts, and set different levels of employee permissions to prevent infractions further and avoid fines. With an offline mode on Cova, your dispensary operations will always run smoothly and remain compliant with all regulations. Learn more about Michigan laws.

3. How does Cova help Michigan dispensaries manage online ordering and delivery?

Cova POS has built-in features and established integrations with top industry partners that allow you to increase visibility via online menus and marketplace listings, and expand your sales channels with online ordering & pickup, and cannabis delivery services. Cova can plug in and sync your inventory to popular platforms like Leafly Pickup, Weedmaps, or I Heart Jane to provide live online menus and reserve & pickup options. There are flexible delivery solutions that can be turned on or built out to help you manage simple home delivery or an entire fleet. With Cova eCommerce fully integrated into Cova POS, you can manage your orders all in one place, quickly and efficiently. Learn more about delivery.

4. Does Cova work for both a Provisioning Center and a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary?

Yes, Cova is easily optimized for either your Michigan Provisioning Center or adult-use cannabis retail operation. You will need separate systems licenses to manage your different inventory per Michigan’s LARA and MRA regulations. Cova software is fully certified and compliant with medical and recreational marijuana regulations in the state and is also independently audited and HIPAA-certified.

5. How does Cova help streamline inventory management and auditing?

Cova POS is optimized for inventory management with convenient features like batch scanning and bulk adjustments, which save retailers a lot of time and improve accuracy. Cova’s reorder report forecasts days of stock remaining so you can replenish fast-moving product efficiently. Our innovative Rooms feature lets retailers assign inventory to different locations in the same store, like the back room and the sales floor, making it easier to manage FIFO and count product come auditing time.

6. What kind of training and ongoing support does Cova offer Michigan dispensaries?

Cova’s premier onboarding team goes the extra mile to help new retailers set up their dispensary POS, train staff on how to use the system, and share retail best practices and common mistakes cannabis retailers should avoid. We pride ourselves on having the best ongoing support in the industry. Our team is available via phone, chat, or e-mail, with remarkable response time. With a goal to make the cannabis retail industry more diverse and inclusive, we are also offering special assistance and discounts to social equity applicants.

“Compliance is the #1 factor in this industry, and Cova POS is on top of it. The strong API and frequent syncing with METRC are a big advantage.”

-Rob Nusbaum, Founding Partner, Michigan



Metrc Integration & Automated Compliance

Cova makes compliance and traceability easy, so you can make time to run your dispensary. Automated features include ID scanning, age verification, and 2-way live syncing with Metrc.


Seamless Cannabis Ecommerce

Effortlessly initiate a robust cannabis eCommerce platform that reflects your brand. Establish an online website that synchronizes with your Cova POS for automatic updates. With marketing automation and SEO, you'll reach more customers with Cova eComm.


Delivery Ready Whenever You Are

Whatever the scope of your delivery operation, Cova has the built-in workflows and partner integrations to help you navigate compliance, centralize order management, and expand your brand experience all the way to their front door. Learn more.


Advanced Inventory Tools

Track and transfer inventory between multiple areas within your store, like your back room and sales floor. Cova’s Rooms feature lets you move inventory easily, audit with precision, and streamline FIFO best practices.


Offline Mode

Cova’s reliability is backed up by the ability continue transacting even when your internet drops. We keep your store running smoothly on the busiest of days, regardless of Wi-Fi hiccups.

Cashless Payments + Dispensary gift cards

Digital Payment Solutions

With Cova cannabis cashless payments, you can transcend the constraints of cash-only transactions and provide your dispensary clientele with the flexibility to pay for their preferred cannabis products using various methods, including branded gift cards.

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