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A Fully Compliant Cannabis POS Retail Platform for Maine Marijuana Dispensaries

Cova is an award-winning cannabis Point of Sale system, built to simplify the burden of compliance and streamline the unique operations of a cannabis retail establishment. Cova’s intuitive POS is easy to use and loaded with the sales tools needed for dispensary staff to educate customers and make fast transactions. Cova offers 2-way live sync with Metrc, reporting all sales to the state traceability system in real-time, and includes an integrated ID scanner, purchase limit monitoring, and automatic THC equivalency and tax calculation capabilities. Seamless integrations with best-in-class partners make it easy to expand your retail ecosystem with online menus, smart security, digital signage, analytics, accounting, and more. No matter where your dispensary is located, Cova is the best cannabis POS for you, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments. 

Q & A

1. What level of integration does Cova have with Metrc?

Cova offers full API integration and 2-way sync with Metrc, the state marijuana traceability system in Maine. All sales and refunds are reported in real time, eliminating the need for time-consuming end of day reporting. All inventory adjustments made in Cova POS with Metrc reason codes are also synced automatically. Manifests are easily imported after being received in Metrc, with all data pre-populated, so there’s no need for double entry. Learn more about working with Metrc.


2. How does Cova POS simplify compliance for Maine cannabis retailers?

Cova's integrated ID scanner verifies customer age and flags invalid or expired cards. A purchase limit gauge helps budtenders keep an eye on legal limits, and won’t let them sell oversell. The system also calculates THC product equivalences for concentrates and edibles, and automatically applies the correct taxes. This automation greatly reduces human error and the risk of infractions, fines, or license suspension. The back-end Cova hub allows dispensary owners to set operational hours, establish limits on discounts, and set different levels of employee permissions.

3. Does Cova POS integrate with online menus like Weedmaps and Leafly?

Cova has seamless integrations with menu and marketplace platforms including Weedmaps, Leafly, and I Heart Jane. This POS integration allows you to showcase your menu, reflecting your actual up-to-date inventory, on the biggest cannabis websites around, where potential customers are searching for dispensaries in Maine. You can also embed a menu on your own website. Cova’s open API even allows for custom menu integration and e-commerce solutions. With Cova, you can manage all orders from all sources in one place.

4. What kind of hardware and operating system does Cova use?

Cova POS uses a back-end web-based hub and a front-of-house touchscreen sales tool for budtenders. The back-end management portion will run on any device you choose to access it from (PC, Mac, laptop, desktop). The budtender sales tools run on Android tablets, which can free your sales team from behind counter to meet customers as they shop. Cova makes hardware recommendations rather than selling you a specific tablet, so you can shop for the best price and right fit for your dispensary. Our system offers streamlined plug-and-play integration with a wide range of hardware and peripherals.

5. How does Cova help with inventory management and auditing?

Cova POS is optimized for inventory management with convenient features like batch scanning and bulk adjustments, which save retailers a lot of time and improve accuracy. Cova’s reorder report forecasts days of stock remaining so you can replenish fast-moving product efficiently. Our innovative Rooms feature lets retailers assign inventory to different locations in the same store, like the back room and the sales floor, making it easier to manage FIFO and count product come auditing time. Learn more from Cova's Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Retail Inventory Management.

6. What kind of system training and ongoing support does Cova offer Maine dispensaries?

Cova is known and most recommended for its premier support. Our launch team offers comprehensive software training and goes above and beyond to set you up for success. We share the insights and industry best practices learned from working with hundreds of cannabis retailers across North America. From tech recommendations to operational strategies, we’ll tell you the mistakes to avoid and set you on course with confidence. From launch day to everyday operations, our ongoing support team is available via phone, chat, or e-mail, with remarkable response time (an average of 51s) and we’re always on-call 24/7 for emergency support.

Cova Software Maine

Compliance is the #1 factor in this industry, and Cova POS is on top of it. The strong API and frequent syncing with METRC are a big advantage.”

Rob Nusbaum, Founding Partner - Pincanna, Michigan



Automated Compliance

2-way sync with Metrc, ID scanning, age verification, purchase limit monitoring, and more. Peace-of-mind automation that frees up more time for you to run your store. 


Cannabis eCommerce Enabled

Get your dispensary on the map and put your menus in front of the biggest cannabis audiences on Leafly, Weedmaps, Dutchie, or I Heart Jane. With Cova eCommerce integrated into Cova POS, your online inventory is automatically synced and always accurate.


Reports & Dashboards

Check on store performance on-the-go so you can make quick business decisions. Deep dive into robust operational reports, available on-demand or by regularly scheduled emails.


Advanced Inventory Tools

Assign and transfer inventory between specific sections of your store, like your back room and display areas; Cova's Rooms allows for for easier tracking, auditing, and FIFO execution. Save time and improve accuracy with reorder reports, batch scanning, and bulk adjustments.

Offline Mode

A backup mode ensures disruptions in Wi-Fi don’t result in interrupted or lost sales. Keep transacting, and the system will sync and report once a connection is re-established. 


Digital Payments & Gift Cards

With Cova Pay, your Maine dispensary can accept cashless payments. Built-in flexible loyalty program management and branded gift cards help you attract new customers and promote repeat business. Learn more about Cova's integrated gift card program.

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