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A Fully Compliant Cannabis POS Software For California Dispensaries & Delivery

Top California cannabis retailers choose Cova POS to ensure compliance and maintain a competitive edge with in-demand services like eCommerce, delivery, and curbside pickup. From thriving boutique dispensaries to multi-location enterprise retailers, California dispensaries love Cova because the software solutions are easy to use, exceptionally reliable, and optimized to keep Cannabis businesses compliant with critical 2-way Metrc integration. Cova’s high-volume tested point-of-sale platform features streamlined budtender sales tools and robust retail management capabilities, with open APIs and established integrations for vital retail channels like online ordering, pickup, and delivery. Whether your dispensary is located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any other city in California, Cova is the best cannabis POS for you, as it offers a full suite of dispensary software solutions including inventory management, analytics, eCommerce, and cashless payments.

Q & A

1. How does Cova integrate with Metrc to keep California dispensaries compliant?

Cova provides full 2-way integration with the state’s mandatory track and trace system. All dispensary sales and refunds are reported real-time, so there’s no need to spend hours and risk errors sending batch reports at the end of the day. Inventory adjustments with Metrc reason codes are automatically synced, and incoming order manifests, which retailers are required to receive in Metrc, are easily imported to the POS system, eliminating the common burden of manual re-entry.

2. How does Cova POS help California dispensaries manage online ordering and delivery?

Cova integrates with Metrc and leading online order and delivery platforms including Leafly Pickup and I Heart Jane to simplify compliance and inventory management. With Cova eCommerce fully integrated into the main dispensary platform, you can manage everything from your POS; online orders are sent to Cova in real-time, and inventory is synced to your online menus. The fulfillment process is made more accessible and more efficient, and the customer experience is improved. Features like customer ID verification, mobile transaction capabilities, dynamic tax calculation, GPS record keeping, order logging, and compliant receipt management make eCommerce and delivery orders a more streamlined and secure process. Learn more in our blog on starting your cannabis delivery business.

3. What POS features help dispensaries automate compliance?

Cova comes with automated safeguards to reduce human error and maximize peace of mind for California retailers. In addition to automatic syncing with Metrc, Cova has a built-in ID scanner that instantly verifies age and ID validity, and a purchase limit gauge that ensures budtenders can maximize upsell opportunities without over-selling. Product equivalencies are calculated automatically, and dispensary hours can be set to prohibit sales outside allowed times.


4. How does Cova help with inventory management and auditing?

Required bi-monthly inventory audits for California dispensaries are made easier with features like batch scanning and bulk adjustments, which can save significant time and improve accuracy. Cova’s reorder report shows you what’s been selling and how many days of stock you have left, so you can make fast, informed reordering decisions. An innovative Rooms feature lets you better manage and move inventory in and between multiple locations within the same store, like your storage room and sales floor, improving FIFO practices and making it possible to quickly audit sections of inventory.

5. Which features help streamline California dispensary operations?

Cova’s award-winning interface is exceptionally intuitive, so California budtenders can create and complete fast transactions using streamlined sales tools. The system’s offline mode ensures that even in stores with spotty Wi-Fi, sales can continue uninterrupted. Convenient reports-on-demand and mobile dashboards allow store owners and managers to make well-informed decisions on staffing, stock, and promotions.


6. I’ve never run a dispensary. What help is available for first-time California cannabis retailers?

Cova has helped small business owners across California launch successful stores and worked with enterprise clients to expand multi-location operations. We go beyond system setup, training, and tech support. We explain how to work with Metrc, how to implement industry best practices, and how to avoid common mistakes made by other cannabis retailers. With a goal to make the cannabis retail industry more diverse and inclusive, we are also offering special assistance and discounts to social equity applicants.

“Sales reports from Cova dashboard are easy to run in real-time and I use these regularly to predict which days would be busier and how many staff members would be required on the floor to manage the traffic efficiently.”

John Grainer,Director of Operations California



2-Way Metrc Integration

Real-time sales reports are synced with the state track and trace system, all inventory adjustments with Metrc reason codes are updated automatically, and manifests are easily imported to the POS with auto-populated data.


Automated Safeguards

Purchase limit gauge, built-in ID scanning, and sellable hours settings help prevent human error and fraud in your dispensary.


Online Orders & Delivery

Cova powers online menus, reserve & pickup, and fully compliant delivery management through built-in features and integrations with leading partners like Dutchie, Leafly, I Heart Jane, and LogicKit.


Advanced Inventory Tools

Improve operational efficiency and mitigate risks with accurate inventory management and time-saving features like batch scanning, bulk updates, Rooms segmentation, and reorder reports.


Easy-to-Use POS

Our award-winning UI design loved by sales consultants and customers alike. Cova’s interface is intuitive, fast, and reliable.

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Earn new customers and keep them coming back with branded gift cards that boost revenue, and flexible loyalty programs that target high-value and special customer segments.

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