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Cova’s award-winning POS powers more than 50% of BC cannabis stores. Made in Canada and built specifically for the cannabis industry, Cova’s POS & Inventory Management platform is fully compliant with all LCRB and Health Canada regulations. Its out-of-the-box ease of use and ultimate scalability make it the top choice for cannabis stores of all sizes, from independent retailers in Port Hardy and Dawson’s Creek to multi-location operations across Greater Vancouver, BC, and Canada. Our fast, reliable POS comes with features to automate compliance and streamline cannabis store operations, including 1-click LCRB reports, PO Imports, and a sleek suite of digital sales tools that will empower your team and delight your customers.

Q & A

1. How does Cova POS help with monthly LCRB compliance reports?

Cova POS generates easy 1-click compliance reports with all the relevant data in the required format, ready to submit through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch portal. Cova also offers diagnostic reports so you can easily investigate and avoid discrepancies. Learn more about how to prepare and submit provincial compliance reports, and get answers to frequently asked questions about British Columbia cannabis retail laws and regulations.

2. What Cova POS features help BC cannabis retailers simplify compliance?

To simply compliance with government regulations, Cova features several automated safeguards. A built-in ID scanner checks age and validity. Purchase limits are monitored, and sales that exceed the legal limit are prevented (product equivalencies for edibles and concentrates are auto-calculaed). Operational hours can also be set to prohibit sales outside allowed times. These features greatly reduce the risk of human effort and consequential fines or license suspension.

3. How does Cova POS help streamline my cannabis store operations?

Cova’s digital sales tools are intuitive and easy for budtenders to learn. It's easy to find product information when needed, create orders quickly, or add customers to a queue when traffic is at its highest. Cova’s fast processing speed (an average transaction time of 1.4s, even on 4/20) means you’re never waiting for your tech to keep up. Our offline mode ensures even unreliable Wi-Fi won’t slow you down. In the back end, detailed reports-on-demand and mobile dashboards allow BC retailers to make fast, confident decisions to improve store efficiency.

4. What help does Cova offer first-time retailers who have never run anything like a cannabis store?

Cova has helped cannabis retailers of all levels of experience launch stores of all sizes across BC and the rest of Canada. Our world-class launch team goes way beyond setting your system and training your staff how to use it. We share insights and industry best practices, the winning strategies and common mistakes we’ve learned from working closely with so many retailers and regulators. We offer remote-assisted and on-site launch options, and free ongoing support.

5. Why do most retailers choose Cova over other cannabis POS systems?

A lot of cannabis POS companies are tech startups with limited experience and resources. They put a lot of effort into marketing but can’t keep up with ongoing development and support. While Cova certainly has the agility and entrepreneurial spirit of a startup—we’re all entrepreneurs at heart— we leverage the experience and enterprise-tested resources of an established retail tech company. We built our platform on proven infrastructure, which allows us to offer the most sophisticated and secure POS in the industry. We have a large team of developers, all working in Canada, to keep pace with every turn the industry takes.

6. What sets Cova apart from POS systems that are not built for the cannabis industry?

Generic POS systems are little more than a makeshift solution for cannabis stores that will ultimately cost you time and cause more headaches. Systems that can’t generate compliance reports leave you with the burden of manually compiling them every month, a time-consuming process prone to human error. Cova is always focused on compliance first. We work with the LCRB to understand BC regulations and keep our system updated as they change. We provide 1-click monthly reports and built-in automation to simply cannabis industry compliance and prevent infractions. We also provide the best click-and-collect and cannabis delivery solutions integrated into the POS system.

“This business is so volatile that it’s important to have a good relationship, and Cova’s been there for us. It’s good to have somebody who’s on your team.”

Harrison Stoker, VP of Brand, British Columbia



1-Click LCRB Reports

Generate 1-click AGLC monthly reports, auto-populating all the required data in the correct format.


Automated Compliance

From our integrated ID scanner to equivalency calculations and purchase limit gauge, our software safeguards reduce human error.


Online Menus & Ordering

Plug in to online menus and marketplaces like Weedmaps and Leafly Pickup to put your store on the map and enable in-demand services like online ordering and pickup. Cova offers centralized order management and real-time inventory syncing.


Offline Mode

Spotty Wi-Fi doesn’t mean you need to stop or restart sales. Cova’s backup offline mode keeps transactions on track and resyncs once your connection is reestablished.


Advanced Inventory Tools

From our time-saving PO Import Tool, Reorder Report, and Batch Scanning features to our exclusive Rooms segmentation, Cova's built-for-cannabis inventory management functions help you operate at peak efficency.


Gift Card Programs

Earn new customers and nurture long term relationships with branded gift cards to boost revenue and flexible programs to hold on to your valued customers. Cova offers the only integrated gift card program in the industry.

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