How to Choose Cannabis Delivery Software

Depending on what model you decide to go for, your chosen delivery software must excel at it. Your cannabis delivery software solution must have certain features to help you succeed in your business goals. The following are some considerations to take into account:

1. Delivery software integration with Ecommerce

To make cannabis delivery a success, your dispensary delivery software must fully integrate with your ecommerce platform to not just manage online orders but also help facilitate the logistics needed to deliver cannabis products. Some key ecommerce features to consider while choosing a cannabis delivery software suite are:

  • Online order placement and delivery manifests
  • Customer Identification verification for name and age
  • Validation of area codes for legal cannabis delivery
  • Dynamic sales tax calculations as per local region
  • Integration of marketing tools and loyalty program

2. GPS Tracking and Delivery Fleet Management

The ability to dispatch delivery drivers with the correct order and track cannabis deliveries with GPS are crucial components of delivery software. Optimized delivery management should allow for the following:

  • Geofenced zones for expanded reach
  • Reduced fleet mileage and fuel consumption
  • Real-time tracking and visibility of vehicles
  • Complete control of fleet and inventory allocation
  • Modification of delivery routes as needed

3. Inventory Tracking and Compliance

When delivering cannabis products, there’s a high risk of losing or misplacing inventory, which can lead to an investigation by authorities. Hence, detailed real-time tracking and syncing of all inventory with your dispensary delivery solution are crucial to ensure compliant reporting with state tracking systems and a successful dispensary delivery business. A delivery software that is fully compliant with all cannabis laws, lets you track your inventory and delivery fleet in real-time, and syncs seamlessly with government seed-to-sale traceability systems like Metrc, is undoubtedly your best choice to mitigate infraction risks and ensure dispensary compliance.