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How to Introduce Your Cannabis Dispensary to the Community

How To Introduce Your New  Dispensary To Your Community.jpgYou’ve worked tirelessly for months on applications, financing, and hiring. Navigating dispensary marketing and marijuana software were no small tasks either, and by now you could write the book on how to open a dispensary. Now it’s finally the big day to unveil your cannabis dispensary to your community.

It’s natural to be nervous about how well you’ll be received and whether you’re in prime position to make a lot of money or not, but there are a few sure-fire steps you can take to help your grand opening be a little more successful.

Educate Your Community

Depending on where you are in the country, your community might show varying levels of acceptance toward a marijuana dispensary. While those in the industry have done an amazing job overcoming negative stereotypes and inaccurate perceptions, there’s still a long way to go before marijuana would ever be viewed as mainstream as alcohol or tobacco.

Think of your job as the owner of a cannabis dispensary to be an ambassador of the industry. Whether you go door to door to local businesses and have candid conversations about cannabis or you advertise locally with positive messages, it’s up to you to truly educate people on the benefits of cannabis.

Participate in a Local Event

This idea really goes hand in hand with education, as many events like street fairs or outdoor markets can lend themselves to a booth or table for your business. This gives you a prime opportunity to engage in some dispensary marketing, where you can hand out informational brochures or coupons for first-time visitors.

Engaging in more meaningful events might help to dispel myths of being an evil business too. Car washes, recycling drives, or trash clean up around the town are ways for you to demonstrate that a marijuana dispensary can make a difference in the community just like any other shop can.

Create the Right Environment

Imagine the impression your neighbors might have if you look and sound like a sketchy pot shop. Now think about if you have modern and sleek furniture and utilize a playlist that’s been carefully curated to meet everyone’s taste. See the difference?

First impressions are crucial, and when the look of your shop is the first thing people judge you on, it’s important to create good vibes at your cannabis dispensary. Cheesy logos and names probably won’t create the impact you want as the new store on the block; instead, opt for a warm and professional style.

Quell Legal Concerns

Those in your community who are concerned about your influence on youth might sleep a little easier if you make it very clear that you are a business that abides by rules and regulations. The more legitimate you can make yourself, and make that message loud and clear, the better.

Some shops choose to post signs clearly on their windows and front doors expressing that they will not sell or admit minors, while others take more subtle approaches. However your shop chooses to communicate this important message, there’s a good chance it will help in your mission for community acceptance.

Are you interested in opening a cannabis dispensary and aren’t sure what steps to take? Download our e-book today to find out everything you need to know.


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