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Cannabis POS System


An exceptional cannabis dispensary POS system experience starts here.

Cova's cannabis dispensary POS is a full-featured tablet-based point-of-sale system that enables your staff to deliver a fast, compliant, and personalized shopping experience from anywhere in the store. Our award-winning, intuitive design guarantees ease-of-use and quick onboarding of staff in just 30 minutes. Our essential dispensary POS software features are designed specifically for cannabis retail.


Built-in ID Scanner & Age Verification

Scan customer ID right from the POS to verify age and add shoppers to the queue. Create an optional opt-in customer profile that links to their loyalty points, making the check-in process fast and fully compliant.


Customer Queue Management

Keep track of customers and their orders without making them line up. Let them browse and discover more while arming your staff the customer insights—including purchase history and preferences—to offer a more personalized shopping experience.


Product Info On-Demand

Our cannabis retail POS will turn your budtender into a cannabis connoisseur (and sales superstar) with every vital detail they need at their fingertips—from product info to pricing and inventory.


Flexible Discount Engine & Loyalty Program

Turn first-time shoppers into frequent customers. Instantly view and redeem points earned or set up automatic member-specific discounts.


Offline Mode

Spotty Wi-Fi? Don’t worry, our cannabis dispensary POS offline mode provides peace of mind and full backup functionality to keep your business running; no one has to wait or leave your store empty-handed.


Alternative Payments

Debit or credit transactions earn ~15% more revenue than cash. Offer your customers more convenient and familiar ways to pay, both in-store & online.

Cova POS Includes These Vital Cannabis Retail Features:


Inventory Management

Advanced cannabis inventory tools help automate time-consuming manual work to reduce errors and maximize efficiency. 



Let our technology solve the burden of compliance so you can rest easy and work harder on growing your business.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Our cannabis POS provides the insights you need, when & where you need them, to make smart business decisions.

“We're relieved to have replaced our previous in-house process with Cova’s new inventory management features that allow us to update our stock in real-time, making it the first POS of its kind.”

Nicole Wharton, Inventory METRC Compliance Manager, Cookies

“With Cova, we can relax and run our business while on vacation!”

Nikii & Owen Allerton, Co-Owners, Ontario

“How Cova POS seamlessly connects with its eCommerce and payments solutions is beautiful. I’m confident we’ll delight our customers with quick, secure, and convenient ways to purchase cannabis.”

Ritesh Shah, CEO/Managing Partner

Why Cova?


99.9999% Uptime

The most reliable cannabis retail POS platform on the market, with no interruptions on high-volume days like 4/20, and performance only an enterprise-grade software company with 20 years of tech experience can provide.


6 Awards

Tech experts, retailers and budtenders agree, Cova is hands-down the best cannabis POS experience, earning 5-star user reviews and top recommendations. Cova is one of the most-trusted cannabis tech brands.


1800+ Stores & Counting

The fastest-growing and most-trusted cannabis POS in North America, powering stores of all sizes, from boutique shops to multi-location enterprise operations. Cova has earned a 98% retention rate.


Constantly Evolving

 We keep pace with changing regulations and customer expectations; we evolve our software to keep retailers compliant and competitive at every turn.


Do I need a cannabis-specific POS system?

It is often required and always advised to use a built-for-cannabis POS. A generic POS system often lacks functions that make cannabis sales compliant and profitable. A specialized cannabis POS helps you manage your dispensary inventory, streamline compliance reports, and deliver a superior customer experience. Only a dedicated cannabis dispensary POS will offer seamless integration with the tech you need to build a complete cannabis retail ecosystem, expand your business, and establish yourself as an authority in the cannabis marketplace.

Does Cova integrate with other cannabis software solutions?

Yes, we integrate with multiple eCommerce solutions and cannabis marketplace platforms to help you streamline your cannabis retail operations. We offer seamless integration with the best online menu, delivery, and cannabis marketplace platforms like Leafly, dutchie, and Weedmaps, to sync up your pricing and inventory in real-time. We also partner with various cannabis tech solution companies like Headset, Enlighten, Springbig, and Merrco to ensure that you are connected to the best cannabis ecosystem in the industry.

What unique features does Cova POS offer?

In addition to cannabis customer ID scanning, Cova has purchase limit monitoring, product equivalency calculation for edibles and concentrates, auto-apply taxes, and discounts based on membership status at the POS level. Our offline mode backs up sales in the event of Wi-Fi failure, and our lightning-speed transaction time ensures the best cannabis customer experience even on the busiest of days like 420. With inventory management and reporting tools, you will always stay ahead of compliance. Cova also offers integrated eCommerce and delivery solutions, queue management, loyalty programs, and integrated cannabis gift cards for the best dispensary management system software experience.

Is Cova POS compliant with my state’s laws and tracking system?

Yes, our dispensary POS system is fully-compliant with all cannabis laws in every market we operate and will prevent your staff from breaking rules or making operational missteps that could cost you your retail license. Cova POS allows Canadian cannabis retailers to easily submit one-click monthly compliance reports to their respective provincial governments. Cova's dispensary software is also fully compliant and ready for cannabis farm gate sales in Canada. In the US, Cova is a seed-to-sale compliant POS that is seamlessly integrated with statewide traceability systems like BioTrackTHC, Leaf Data Systems, and Metrc.

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